Friday, July 30, 2010

"The Dazzles oF PoSiTivE ThinkinG

A friend asked me to help her with this article on positive thinking which happens to be my favorite topic.Now that I'm getting a chance to write about it,I have to thank this wonderful book "Secret" that made me believe in "positive thinking",those wonderful people who reinforced my faith in it and that wonderful luck which kept adding moments making the wonders of this concept a reality for me.

"The vastness of universe is humbling....."

A pictorial representation of the size of earth in this universe is indeed a revelation of our size in it.
There's so much beyond whats visible to us, so much that can be done and experienced. While we waste our life struggling over insignificant issues, while we limit our dreams to convenience, as we succumb to pressures that mislead us from what makes "us" happy and as our individuality sublimates in the chaos of advices and standards we miss out on precious time to create a solid reality out of our wishes.

We make mountains out of anthills over trivial issues like difficult clients, unfair bosses, relationship tiffs, family resistance, spoilt make up and sometimes even wardrobe malfunctions!
Think over the number of times you cribbed the whole day over an argument in office, hours over a "not so flamboyant" dress to wear at a party, months over a guy/girl who didnt love you,the list just goes on.

For once, just look within yourself and decide if you deserved that feeling;of being inadequate, of being unworthy and unloved! The day we start loving ourselves and keep our instincts over every other seemingly right thing, the spectacles of positive thinking will start unfolding.

We can write endlessly about it, but keeping it short and simple, the only way to truly experience the beauty and wonders of life is to unleash your imagination and believe in this small magic capsule of "being positive is The easiest waY to Happiness"

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

magic moments

One of those days again......when I wanted to just go with the flow...and write.....:) :)

These ae my happiest times...when I feel happy from within.......:) :)

The day started off pretty off track, missed a meeting, had a string of late bills to be paid(with no bank balance) and had pathetic food packed in my tiffin.

And then came the magic moments...when everything started falling into place by itself. One call and an hour of girl talk with loads of xo xo's kept me busy while I waited for seniors to finish the client meet, a friend sorted my bill issues and then the best part....gorging on a colleagues tiffin who's Mom is hands down the awesomest cook in the world...

Crux of the mindless write up just happens to be the fact that magic moments cannot be left unnoticed.The smallest and silliest things that happened today may be the magic moment that swayed you off your problems and gave you a happy high! And this happy high kept you going the rest of the day...and each moment...each a reason for the way LiFe realy shapes into...
Live the magic magically! :D
loves! :) :) :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Expressions :)

I love you but cant express myself.
Of course I care! I'm just not good at expressing.
I feel strongly about this but somehow cant express effectively.

You spend your life wishing things would be different, you fight your emotions everyday to get over this fear.Of expressions!It could have started new relationships, saved broken ones, strengthened existing ones and ended miserable ones.
We assume that expressing love for parents is not neccesary, they obviously know!But expressing that form of love,so pure so divine!Just like dew drops on that beautiful flower :) ,they add to its beauty manifold.
Expressions add zing and colors to life. A smile, an argument, a pat on the back, a hug, holding hands :) , surprise parties, little gifts, compliments, silly names and so much more. The list is simply endless.
Expressions are threads that weave special moments, moments to cherish and treasure.
Dance to let go and music to connect! !Expression through abstract means hase a charm of its own, it sparkles through void and adds glitter to plain lifeless moments till these moments tune you to "Aicha" :) :) :)

Friday, July 16, 2010


I cant see it. But I can feel it.

This makes me believe.This give me the strength to smile in tough times.This gives me the courage to dream. Every breath I take is a reinforcement of that faith in infinity;if theres enough for all of us to survive then there has to be enough for all of us to live.

Happiness is still considered a taboo. A mirage. Fought with this notion for a while before I realized the vicious cycle I was falling into. The more I argued, the worse I felt. They wont listen, they love you but they wont listen. You keep convincing.They wont listen. They want you to turn into that puppet who dances to the tunes of society. They say social norms are unfair,they know these rules are set by a group of weak incompetent people to suppress competence, by discontent people who glorify their shortcomings by dressing it with false recognition.That group of weak people which recognizes and lauds anything that shields their inadequacies. This doesnt make them stronger or happier, but it disillusions millions of others who are striving to understand the roots of their existence and discovering the reason of their living.

You!I know you have the courage to break free, I know you are spiritually above these shackles but something holds you back. Others who probably love you the way you love me. Its a chain reaction we are struggling to stop. But the more we struggle the worse it gets. Going with the flow and floating out of it without crackles and clinkers helps, I couldn't get you along but made my way out of it. I cant come back.I love you a lot but I cant come back. Maybe this way of life is a mirage but I enjoy living it up this way. If I had to chose between living hundred years as a coward cribbing over the cruelties of life and one day living ecstatic and free, I would choose the latter.
And even now, this minute,my reason cant be seen, read or defined,

"I cant see it.But I can feel it"

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This ones for you.....

Years Back I remember writing something for the most important woman of my life,
Had known her before i knew anyone else, have felt her before i felt anything else,a feeling that has stayed with me till date, a feeling that i couldnt have survived without in infancy and cant live without even today.
These days we sometimes behave like strangers.I look at her and see strange emptiness in her eyes.
just wanted you to know that........

As we disagree more than ever before,

As our ideas differ for sure,

The times when I hurt you,

I feel worse.yes thats true,

When I fight over whats right for me,

And try to set myself free,

Deep inside I know this isnt what I want,

Its just being with you that I've craved for even as an infant,

Inspite of the way you look at the things you see,

Believe me Mom, you mean the world to me,

There are things I cant say, there are things I cant express,

but theres this one feeling i cant suppress,

This feeling that I cant define,

Its beyond anything that I've ever wanted to be mine,

Its a love I take for granted for sure,

A love thats so deep and pure,

Its not just about the relationship by birth we share,

Its a woman and a friend from whom I care........

To the most incredible woman ever....Love you Mom!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The cloud story :)

Mumbai Pune expressway.....a drive through the clouds....three hour movie sorts with breeze telling stories and clouds being pictures......indeed one of the prettiest sights ever!
As we drove through mountains;trees seemed to fly past us, birds glided and clouds danced along. And that one patch where I practically touched the clouds,WOW!!!Almost jumped out of the car in excitement.
The weather gods sure have magical powers. The same expressway is not quite the same in other times as it is in monsoons! The rains make it surreal!
People like me who cant keep their eyes open during journeys.Sigh! We sure miss out on so many beautiful things. But this time! wohoooooo.....I couldn't blink my eyes at certain was almost as if every mountain and cloud shape had a different story to tell. It sure cant be a mere coincidence that clouds are sculpted into such impeccable shapes and designs. Hearts,faces,lovers,child, dinosaur and chariot! There has to be more to these symbols than just a random picture. These are scenes we witness everyday and then up there we see their negatives, waiting to be developed into real life experiences!Mysterious,magnetic and vast! It leaves you awestruck as you delve into its infinite beauty.
There are things I want to treasure,people I want to live with and moments I want to experience all life.So glad that this is one vision that I can admire all my life! It shall only change forms but remain there till we breathe, one of those things I love and am sure to experience forever.....:)

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Wanted to write...just I would in my diary.....and yet publish it....wanted to know how it feels like to publish a random flow of thoughts and emotions...
Have just woken up. It has been a good morning. I like the weather. Cloudy,breezy and cheery. Feels like home to me :)
One of those days when everything around is perfect.The way it should be.:)

And not holding on any thought helps in letting go.....

Life in Mumbai is like a narration. Wake up.sip tea in leisure/Listen to music.Taxi to office(Thanks to our permanent taxi bhaiya no running around!).An extremely chilly office.Tea and finally a goodnight!

The weekends are either lazy or crazy! Thanks to all those wonderful people who make weekend busier than weekdays! What would I do without you all!:) Love being busy!

As I make a random checklist. Family.Friends.Colleagues.maid.Taxi Bhaiya.Mentors. Thank you so much! You all have made life simple,thank you for being there! And that amazing luck, how can I forget you. Thanks for always being around :) and bringing these awesome people into my life. Its because of you I have them all!

AAhhhhhh...its getting real random now........but had to write something which felt good and whacky and senseless maybe...but then whats the point loving people, life and just everything without expressing it!

And you.Yes You. If you are reading it.Then thanks for reading something that probably doesnt make any sense to you but means the world to me, in fact is my world.

Time to sign time.The routine starts.Love.