Thursday, July 1, 2010


Wanted to write...just I would in my diary.....and yet publish it....wanted to know how it feels like to publish a random flow of thoughts and emotions...
Have just woken up. It has been a good morning. I like the weather. Cloudy,breezy and cheery. Feels like home to me :)
One of those days when everything around is perfect.The way it should be.:)

And not holding on any thought helps in letting go.....

Life in Mumbai is like a narration. Wake up.sip tea in leisure/Listen to music.Taxi to office(Thanks to our permanent taxi bhaiya no running around!).An extremely chilly office.Tea and finally a goodnight!

The weekends are either lazy or crazy! Thanks to all those wonderful people who make weekend busier than weekdays! What would I do without you all!:) Love being busy!

As I make a random checklist. Family.Friends.Colleagues.maid.Taxi Bhaiya.Mentors. Thank you so much! You all have made life simple,thank you for being there! And that amazing luck, how can I forget you. Thanks for always being around :) and bringing these awesome people into my life. Its because of you I have them all!

AAhhhhhh...its getting real random now........but had to write something which felt good and whacky and senseless maybe...but then whats the point loving people, life and just everything without expressing it!

And you.Yes You. If you are reading it.Then thanks for reading something that probably doesnt make any sense to you but means the world to me, in fact is my world.

Time to sign time.The routine starts.Love.


p@$$!ON@t{ said...

hey its one of the most silliest but sweet n truly sincere feelings floating out in this page...
no matter the content is regular,but beautifully posted ,giving the feel of each n evry aspect...well done mAdzzzzz
- RauL

Madhusha said...

thank u :)

Sridhar Ramachandran said...

you must be really the luckiest of 'em all to have a regular taxi wala in mumbai!!! ;).. jokes apart.. have been extensively travelling thru 'your mindspace'lately tru your blogs.. interesting wud be an understatement!!!