Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Expressions :)

I love you but cant express myself.
Of course I care! I'm just not good at expressing.
I feel strongly about this but somehow cant express effectively.

You spend your life wishing things would be different, you fight your emotions everyday to get over this fear.Of expressions!It could have started new relationships, saved broken ones, strengthened existing ones and ended miserable ones.
We assume that expressing love for parents is not neccesary, they obviously know!But expressing that form of love,so pure so divine!Just like dew drops on that beautiful flower :) ,they add to its beauty manifold.
Expressions add zing and colors to life. A smile, an argument, a pat on the back, a hug, holding hands :) , surprise parties, little gifts, compliments, silly names and so much more. The list is simply endless.
Expressions are threads that weave special moments, moments to cherish and treasure.
Dance to let go and music to connect! !Expression through abstract means hase a charm of its own, it sparkles through void and adds glitter to plain lifeless moments till these moments tune you to "Aicha" :) :) :)