Friday, July 16, 2010


I cant see it. But I can feel it.

This makes me believe.This give me the strength to smile in tough times.This gives me the courage to dream. Every breath I take is a reinforcement of that faith in infinity;if theres enough for all of us to survive then there has to be enough for all of us to live.

Happiness is still considered a taboo. A mirage. Fought with this notion for a while before I realized the vicious cycle I was falling into. The more I argued, the worse I felt. They wont listen, they love you but they wont listen. You keep convincing.They wont listen. They want you to turn into that puppet who dances to the tunes of society. They say social norms are unfair,they know these rules are set by a group of weak incompetent people to suppress competence, by discontent people who glorify their shortcomings by dressing it with false recognition.That group of weak people which recognizes and lauds anything that shields their inadequacies. This doesnt make them stronger or happier, but it disillusions millions of others who are striving to understand the roots of their existence and discovering the reason of their living.

You!I know you have the courage to break free, I know you are spiritually above these shackles but something holds you back. Others who probably love you the way you love me. Its a chain reaction we are struggling to stop. But the more we struggle the worse it gets. Going with the flow and floating out of it without crackles and clinkers helps, I couldn't get you along but made my way out of it. I cant come back.I love you a lot but I cant come back. Maybe this way of life is a mirage but I enjoy living it up this way. If I had to chose between living hundred years as a coward cribbing over the cruelties of life and one day living ecstatic and free, I would choose the latter.
And even now, this minute,my reason cant be seen, read or defined,

"I cant see it.But I can feel it"

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Madhuresh said...

"I know you are spiritually above these shackles but something holds you back."
Deep, nice thoughts...