Friday, July 30, 2010

"The Dazzles oF PoSiTivE ThinkinG

A friend asked me to help her with this article on positive thinking which happens to be my favorite topic.Now that I'm getting a chance to write about it,I have to thank this wonderful book "Secret" that made me believe in "positive thinking",those wonderful people who reinforced my faith in it and that wonderful luck which kept adding moments making the wonders of this concept a reality for me.

"The vastness of universe is humbling....."

A pictorial representation of the size of earth in this universe is indeed a revelation of our size in it.
There's so much beyond whats visible to us, so much that can be done and experienced. While we waste our life struggling over insignificant issues, while we limit our dreams to convenience, as we succumb to pressures that mislead us from what makes "us" happy and as our individuality sublimates in the chaos of advices and standards we miss out on precious time to create a solid reality out of our wishes.

We make mountains out of anthills over trivial issues like difficult clients, unfair bosses, relationship tiffs, family resistance, spoilt make up and sometimes even wardrobe malfunctions!
Think over the number of times you cribbed the whole day over an argument in office, hours over a "not so flamboyant" dress to wear at a party, months over a guy/girl who didnt love you,the list just goes on.

For once, just look within yourself and decide if you deserved that feeling;of being inadequate, of being unworthy and unloved! The day we start loving ourselves and keep our instincts over every other seemingly right thing, the spectacles of positive thinking will start unfolding.

We can write endlessly about it, but keeping it short and simple, the only way to truly experience the beauty and wonders of life is to unleash your imagination and believe in this small magic capsule of "being positive is The easiest waY to Happiness"


Madhuresh said...

It feels so good to read your articles! Marvellous!

Madhusha said...

Thanks a ton Madhuresh! Your comments made my day!:) :)

Madhusha said...

Thanks a ton Madhuresh! Your comments made my day!:) :)