Tuesday, July 27, 2010

magic moments

One of those days again......when I wanted to just go with the flow...and write.....:) :)

These ae my happiest times...when I feel happy from within.......:) :)

The day started off pretty off track, missed a meeting, had a string of late bills to be paid(with no bank balance) and had pathetic food packed in my tiffin.

And then came the magic moments...when everything started falling into place by itself. One call and an hour of girl talk with loads of xo xo's kept me busy while I waited for seniors to finish the client meet, a friend sorted my bill issues and then the best part....gorging on a colleagues tiffin who's Mom is hands down the awesomest cook in the world...

Crux of the mindless write up just happens to be the fact that magic moments cannot be left unnoticed.The smallest and silliest things that happened today may be the magic moment that swayed you off your problems and gave you a happy high! And this happy high kept you going the rest of the day...and each moment...each day....is a reason for the way LiFe realy shapes into...
Live the magic magically! :D
loves! :) :) :)

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