Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This ones for you.....

Years Back I remember writing something for the most important woman of my life,
Had known her before i knew anyone else, have felt her before i felt anything else,a feeling that has stayed with me till date, a feeling that i couldnt have survived without in infancy and cant live without even today.
These days we sometimes behave like strangers.I look at her and see strange emptiness in her eyes.
just wanted you to know that........

As we disagree more than ever before,

As our ideas differ for sure,

The times when I hurt you,

I feel worse.yes thats true,

When I fight over whats right for me,

And try to set myself free,

Deep inside I know this isnt what I want,

Its just being with you that I've craved for even as an infant,

Inspite of the way you look at the things you see,

Believe me Mom, you mean the world to me,

There are things I cant say, there are things I cant express,

but theres this one feeling i cant suppress,

This feeling that I cant define,

Its beyond anything that I've ever wanted to be mine,

Its a love I take for granted for sure,

A love thats so deep and pure,

Its not just about the relationship by birth we share,

Its a woman and a friend from whom I care........

To the most incredible woman ever....Love you Mom!


jayashree said...

beautifully written piece!!!!!!!1ur mother is the one who can keep u close to heart even when u seem to b drifting away.i had forgotten that my child is no more a baby in the cradle but an young woman now.she has a mind of her own,more fertile than anybody

Madhusha said...

heheheh..this is documented now....:D
cant go back on ure words now momma....:D
bow bowwwwwwwww

Sowmya Kandala said...

BEAUTIFUL! as always :)

Madhuresh said...

Beautiful expression! :)