Sunday, July 4, 2010

The cloud story :)

Mumbai Pune expressway.....a drive through the clouds....three hour movie sorts with breeze telling stories and clouds being pictures......indeed one of the prettiest sights ever!
As we drove through mountains;trees seemed to fly past us, birds glided and clouds danced along. And that one patch where I practically touched the clouds,WOW!!!Almost jumped out of the car in excitement.
The weather gods sure have magical powers. The same expressway is not quite the same in other times as it is in monsoons! The rains make it surreal!
People like me who cant keep their eyes open during journeys.Sigh! We sure miss out on so many beautiful things. But this time! wohoooooo.....I couldn't blink my eyes at certain was almost as if every mountain and cloud shape had a different story to tell. It sure cant be a mere coincidence that clouds are sculpted into such impeccable shapes and designs. Hearts,faces,lovers,child, dinosaur and chariot! There has to be more to these symbols than just a random picture. These are scenes we witness everyday and then up there we see their negatives, waiting to be developed into real life experiences!Mysterious,magnetic and vast! It leaves you awestruck as you delve into its infinite beauty.
There are things I want to treasure,people I want to live with and moments I want to experience all life.So glad that this is one vision that I can admire all my life! It shall only change forms but remain there till we breathe, one of those things I love and am sure to experience forever.....:)

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Madhuresh said...

Very true! Mumbai-Pune Expressway is like a tour through heaven...and in the is just an added wonder!