Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nain Parindey...

This song evokes an emotion I cant define, this tune,the lyrics,the concept,its just beautiful.
That dream I've nurtured since childhood,that dream which often sleeps in me and wakes up to set me free every once in a while, that dream which defines me, that dream which takes me to a world I cant find myself in. This song connects me to that dream.
Dance,dance till you feel the rhythm.Dance till you let go off all the sorrow and confusion. Dance till you set yourself free. Dance till you see beyond the obvious. Dance till you smile in solitude.Dance till everyone around drowns in the beats. Dance.
Love to dance.Dance to love.Live to dance.Dance to live.Smile to dance.Dance to smile.Dance to breathe.Breathe to dance.Express to dance.Dance to express.Unleash to dance.Dance to Unleash.
This song.Love,live,smile,breathe,express,unleash.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Why is the word dream so significant in our lives? Optimists and Pessimists, Lovers and friends, family and strangers, it plays a vital role in everyones lives and relationships.
Optimists love dreaming and pessimists are afraid of it, lovers dream of lives together and friends cherish dreams once shared,family is a part of it till the end of time while strangers enter and exit occasionally.
A dream can bring a smile when you're asleep, a dream can make your day when you wake up, a dream can give life a new meaning, a dream can walk you through days when you're feeling blue, a dream can create and also drive you towards the life you want to create.
Everyone has dreams ! Some believe in them and others shrug them off as unrealistic. And then starts the debate between the reality of dreams and dreams in reality. Its relative and mysterious, a dream may be the reason for someone to live and "living" may be the reason for someone to dream. Dreams unveil hidden emotions and hidden emotions unveil themselves in dreams.

Dreams are probably the most mysterious realities of life, ironic but true. The word dream may refute realism but its connection to life goes beyond any other reality. Perhaps we are made to believe in the incongruency of dreams since childhood,perhaps in due course of time we start overlooking the deepest and closest experience we've had since birth, perhaps we choose to ignore obvious facts, perhaps because they are too obvious and obvious joy has become unacceptable to us.Perhaps!
I feel the closest to myself when I dream. Doesnt everybody else too? Dreams give us hope,beauty,wonder and joy. And the best part is they are easy to feel! Something that can be felt with such ease can possibly be lived with equal ease. Maybe we choose not to believe in the ease of dreams coming true.Maybe!
There are millions of unanswered questions,events and miracles in this universe. Things we explore and know about,things we're ignorant and would probably never know about, physical and metaphysical, its infinite!
I find solace in these dreams,
Dreams so true,dreams so pure,
Dreams that want me to believe in more,
Dreams that have been with me like a loyal friend since the begining of time,
Dreams that I share and others that are only mine :) :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Havent dared to ever write about this....something thats still a mystery,wonder if there are people who understand this,if its just a mirage or theres more to it,if these are just glamorized theories by novels and movies or if theres a deeper meaning to it.
But when its a special day like today,when you feel liberated and free,when you touch your basic roots and are grateful for all the things you have, you need to take a plunge and wade out of your fears.

Its so intimidating to expect,to give in,to give up,to let anyone reach that part of you which you've fiercely protected all your life.We create barriers even in our head to save ourselves from getting hurt and wander aimlessly trying to figure out whats missing even when everything is so perfect.
Inspite of believing in so many things,inspite of feeling good about life and yourself,inspite of those rosy pictures,theres a void you cant seem to decipher. It touches base with you seldom but when it does the feeling that surges is undefinable. This uncertainty intensifies the emotion more and you suddenly roll back to your first day at school,when everything was new and hazy,when you were trying to grapple and make sense of what lies ahead of this. Remember holding on to Moms hand like letting go off it would be the end of the world for you?

Its this mist that you desperately want to walk past, a mist that makes you vulnerable and arouses unfelt intense emotions.Questions which can only be answered by time and experience, and clamor that can be quietened only by faith. Acknowledging and accepting that part of you is a challenge, its easy to accept yourself with the flaws and beauties in you, but accepting a gaping hole is a struggle because you dont really know whats missing.

Its larger than life, its overwhelming,its unseen, its unfelt and its swept me into territories I fear the it does to everyone every once in a while...........when you hold on to your faith like letting go of it would mean the end of world to you.........

Friday, August 13, 2010

MeMoRiEs :)

Cuddling up in moms arms, trotting by Dads side early morning for jogs, staring into Enu Nanis wardrobe and struggling to fit into her clothes,holding little Frappe as a puppy :) :) :)
MeMoRies! HoMe wouldnt be home without these MemoRies and life wouldnt be LifE without these meMorIes .

Varnika! Wearing identical clothes,playing ghar ghar for hours and promising to be best friends for life :) :) Holding hands all the time in school and fighting with people for each other :) :)
The word Best Friend wouldnt mean the same without these MemoRies and School wouldnt be the same without these Memories. :)

Hearing that voice for the first time through a crowd of people and the craziness that followed, "and tell me".......,the madness and tears, finding an unconditional relationship :) The word "first" wont be the same without these memories and youth wouldnt be the same without these Memories

KArmAkar!:) :) Being taken care of and having a support system when times were tough :) :) The worD brother wouldnt be the same without these MemoRies and faith wouldnt be the same without these Memories.

SIMS ! :) :) The first time I stepped into that campus,nervous and negative about everything around, the times that followed wiped away that negative attitude in such a way that finding it has become impossible :) :) Hostel room with those crazy girls making me laugh till I rolled on the floor, crazy girl talk with Megha, Sonam and Dhriti, plain stupidness with Khuraana, the last day at SIMS when the nostalgia washed over me and for the first time in life I knew that this was a place that defined and sculpted a major part of me. Life wouldnt be the same without these Memories and I wouldnt be the same without these memories.

Memories to cherish, memories that are the reason for our beliefs, memories that keep you moving in uncertainity, memories that are a reason to dream, memories that are a reason for life being a fairytale :) memories that are a reason for just being......and being joyful,vibrant,loyal,considerate,honest and real.....Beautiful Memories!

Monday, August 9, 2010


I use them every second, maybe as much as I breathe. Awake or asleep, talking or quiet, dancing or singing, playing or thinking, its words that shape my day. It may be just a voice in my head, or a form in my art, but it spins itself around a series of words .

Words that create thoughts, words that help you breathe life into those thoughts, words in your head that flow through your soul to blend into a pose while dancing, words in your heart that are embedded in pages while writing, words that add rhythm to time through music,words that fill space with memories,words that give direction to dreams, words that add depth to your being,words that are a reflection of your real self.

Words. That create history, inspire millions,define religion and record culture. Words that help you get an insight to new notions, give clarity to the clutter in your mind and give you freedom to sculpt your story.Words can paint pictures for you and create a movie out of those pictures.
Words are one of the most beautiful ways to express and emote, they simplify life with spectacular ease.We take them for granted but words are indeed one of the biggest blessings to us. Life would have been like a blank board without words to add color and shimmer it.

"As I sit and stare away into the space,
As time flies away at the blink of an eye in this rat race,
Its words that smoothen my pace and ensure that deep beneath these memories are traced."

Saturday, August 7, 2010


We have been reading about it since ninth grade.Its true meaning however unveils itself slowly as we grow older,wiser and matured. It was just a term in physics that we mugged up and reproduced in exams, an interesting and important one though,there was always one question on it!

It still challenges us at every stage in life when we reach that threshold and once we cross it a change seeps in, a drastic change. The transition phase abruptly gets over and newer territories surround you. Everything feels new, you feel and think differently all of a sudden.

The reason could be small or big, childlike or complicated, intense or mild;but it can push you through that threshold. Everyone experiences it, no one escapes,it touches your life every once in a while and changes its meaning with its presence. Once you're on the other side, it makes you or breaks you, some people decide to compose themselves while others decide to lose without a limit, some fathom and some chose being mindless beyond it, some let go and others hold on, some build bigger things and others break what had been built beautifully after years of labor, some hold on to their faith and realize its importance even more while others just lose it forever...

This nine letter word, T.H.R.E.S.H.O.L.D, is so much more than just nine letters and as we grow older its true meaning unveils itself.....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

FaCts or FictioN? The flip side of Media!

As I woke up this morning, a strange sad feeling swept over me.The freshers party getting busted started off as a spicy news but turned into a nasty tale. Its horrifying that the media and police, the two most important pillars of this nation have made a mockery out of facts. It is heart breaking to see facts distorted for adding spice to news, the way women are scanned in video clippings to grab eyeballs, the way harmless fun is projected as crime.
The news channels have made an institute tradition look so tawdry and disgusting that it has left me dumbstruck and disillusioned. What do we believe?
Aren't news channels supposed to "report" facts? Who gave them the right to weave stories and telecast fiction out of their imagination?
It sets me thinking of what to believe and accept. If innocent freshers parties make headlines with sleazy clippings, I wonder what is the truth behind other reports we watch.
What is the foundation of our values? Do we even have values? These news channels are not just reporting, they are recording our legacy, the history of this country for generations to come. If this is the truth thats being recorded, then I wish fiction gets an upper hand over any such "so called fact".
This incident has shaken the belief of thousands of students in media. At the end its just a question mark.An illusion. Wish our conscience gets the better of us and the word "belief" doesn't lose its meaning with time. Wish things change, wish we can start believing,wish we break away from this make believe world built by frustrated souls.
Booze,GraSs and SmokE....The slow poison of our infected media will win hands down over the side effects these addictions. .Its millions versus thousands becoming numb.....