Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nain Parindey...

This song evokes an emotion I cant define, this tune,the lyrics,the concept,its just beautiful.
That dream I've nurtured since childhood,that dream which often sleeps in me and wakes up to set me free every once in a while, that dream which defines me, that dream which takes me to a world I cant find myself in. This song connects me to that dream.
Dance,dance till you feel the rhythm.Dance till you let go off all the sorrow and confusion. Dance till you set yourself free. Dance till you see beyond the obvious. Dance till you smile in solitude.Dance till everyone around drowns in the beats. Dance.
Love to dance.Dance to love.Live to dance.Dance to live.Smile to dance.Dance to smile.Dance to breathe.Breathe to dance.Express to dance.Dance to express.Unleash to dance.Dance to Unleash.
This song.Love,live,smile,breathe,express,unleash.

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