Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Why is the word dream so significant in our lives? Optimists and Pessimists, Lovers and friends, family and strangers, it plays a vital role in everyones lives and relationships.
Optimists love dreaming and pessimists are afraid of it, lovers dream of lives together and friends cherish dreams once shared,family is a part of it till the end of time while strangers enter and exit occasionally.
A dream can bring a smile when you're asleep, a dream can make your day when you wake up, a dream can give life a new meaning, a dream can walk you through days when you're feeling blue, a dream can create and also drive you towards the life you want to create.
Everyone has dreams ! Some believe in them and others shrug them off as unrealistic. And then starts the debate between the reality of dreams and dreams in reality. Its relative and mysterious, a dream may be the reason for someone to live and "living" may be the reason for someone to dream. Dreams unveil hidden emotions and hidden emotions unveil themselves in dreams.

Dreams are probably the most mysterious realities of life, ironic but true. The word dream may refute realism but its connection to life goes beyond any other reality. Perhaps we are made to believe in the incongruency of dreams since childhood,perhaps in due course of time we start overlooking the deepest and closest experience we've had since birth, perhaps we choose to ignore obvious facts, perhaps because they are too obvious and obvious joy has become unacceptable to us.Perhaps!
I feel the closest to myself when I dream. Doesnt everybody else too? Dreams give us hope,beauty,wonder and joy. And the best part is they are easy to feel! Something that can be felt with such ease can possibly be lived with equal ease. Maybe we choose not to believe in the ease of dreams coming true.Maybe!
There are millions of unanswered questions,events and miracles in this universe. Things we explore and know about,things we're ignorant and would probably never know about, physical and metaphysical, its infinite!
I find solace in these dreams,
Dreams so true,dreams so pure,
Dreams that want me to believe in more,
Dreams that have been with me like a loyal friend since the begining of time,
Dreams that I share and others that are only mine :) :)

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