Tuesday, August 3, 2010

FaCts or FictioN? The flip side of Media!

As I woke up this morning, a strange sad feeling swept over me.The freshers party getting busted started off as a spicy news but turned into a nasty tale. Its horrifying that the media and police, the two most important pillars of this nation have made a mockery out of facts. It is heart breaking to see facts distorted for adding spice to news, the way women are scanned in video clippings to grab eyeballs, the way harmless fun is projected as crime.
The news channels have made an institute tradition look so tawdry and disgusting that it has left me dumbstruck and disillusioned. What do we believe?
Aren't news channels supposed to "report" facts? Who gave them the right to weave stories and telecast fiction out of their imagination?
It sets me thinking of what to believe and accept. If innocent freshers parties make headlines with sleazy clippings, I wonder what is the truth behind other reports we watch.
What is the foundation of our values? Do we even have values? These news channels are not just reporting, they are recording our legacy, the history of this country for generations to come. If this is the truth thats being recorded, then I wish fiction gets an upper hand over any such "so called fact".
This incident has shaken the belief of thousands of students in media. At the end its just a question mark.An illusion. Wish our conscience gets the better of us and the word "belief" doesn't lose its meaning with time. Wish things change, wish we can start believing,wish we break away from this make believe world built by frustrated souls.
Booze,GraSs and SmokE....The slow poison of our infected media will win hands down over the side effects these addictions. .Its millions versus thousands becoming numb.....

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