Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Death KisseD By LovE

A woman whose kiss is the taste of death,
A woman whose kiss leads people to the gateway of death,
What if that woman kisses a man she falls in love with?

She kissed him,the kiss that took his last breathe away,he got the taste of death and she got a taste of something that diluted her identity. She was death,wasnt she? Then why did she want to live suddenly? She sucked feelings out of the body,didnt she? Then why did she want feel suddenly?

The turmoil she was going through couldnt be defined. She tried to break free but she couldnt,the more she tried the worse it got. Was it love?The most powerful emotion in the universe. An emotion that can never be matched upto, an emotion that defines life. She was touched by something that defined life.But life? Death touched by life?

What would happen to this woman...........

What would happen..

If death is kissed by loVe........

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Umm, complicated thought.
I guess death, life, love are all names that define the same thing. Death may sound negative and life positive but they compliment each other and make a perfect union!