Thursday, September 2, 2010

InDia...All its colors,Richness and Beauty!

Buildings all around,loud music echoing across the area, a gang of enthusiastic men and children dancing in euphoria,women throwing water from the floors above, a rope across two buildings and a beautifully decorated pot in the middle of air. A delectable bait waiting to be struck!

Mumbai at its best!! These are times when an Indian at heart would say "feel aa gai yaar!"

Today as me and my roommate watched this happy bunch of people celebrating Janmaashtami with such zeal and energy, we couldnt help but feel the vibrations! Such joy! These people we didnt know, people we'd never met, people we were only watching from a distance;these people made our evening wonderful. I found myself falling in love with festivals again. I found myself falling in love with those times again when people of all age groups got together and danced away to glory not caring of anything but their idol. The lights,the decoration,the music,the people,the prayers,the chants,truly incredible!

This wonderful country, its rich culture and vibrant customs!! The people here....theres diversity in languages but they sound like me, there's diversity in appearances but they look like me, theres diversity in festivals but they believe like me.

If theres a place called home, then its here. If theres a place where I feel free, then its here.If theres a place where strangers are "bhaiya" and "Didi", then its here. A place where I feel me,then its here.

Reminds me of those beautiful lines by Javed Akhtar,

"Woh kehte hain woh mujh jaise nahin,

Phir mujh jaise kyun yeh lagte hain"


Shrikant said...

hey i missed my opportunity yesterday!!! Couldn't attend any celebration that to in Ahmedabad. But felt very happy reading your blog.

Madhusha said...


Madhuresh said...

India - you are the color of my life! ...and i promise i'll come back soon...
Thanks again for this nice write up :)