Monday, September 27, 2010

National Pride Kicking in.....YoU Will shine!

The world is talking about our sorry state of affairs. I know it makes you sad. We havent been responsible. We keep fighting within ourselves.We refuse to love, we refuse to believe, we refuse to grow. You're portrayed as filthy and unkempt in every ball of global representation. I know it hurts you as much as it hurts me.
Yes! The corruption angers me.The media disappoints me.The politics saddens me. But when its time for you to make an entry into the world stage,I want you to look your best! Its like that beauty pageant where models from every nation display the brightest side of their personality.
Why are you displayed as a poor damsel in distress all the time? I'm a part of you and know you're strong. You've sustained thousands of terror attacks and riots.Your undying spirit runs through us! I agree we have our share of drawbacks that need to be sorted. But who doesn't?Public diatribes over our inadequacies and inefficiency when we need to overcome disgrace is ridiculous.
Our misery and filth has been received with open arms by the world outside, they love to see you in shambles, and a part of us has become addicted to publicity,any kind of publicity, even if it makes you look like a freak show.
We are sending Peepli Live for Oscars. A movie that only shows the hollowness of our system.This movie will be the face of India!I know somewhere within you're crumbling when we choose to click your ugliest pictures and send them for awards because the judges love watching these ugly pictures.We are still debating all over the news channels over how big a failure CWG would be.We are sharing jokes over anticipated disasters. Some of us are ashamed and some are angry.Is this the time to play blame games?It breaks my heart everyday when these ideas reach me.
But a few wonderfully spirited people help me gather myself again,these people love the side of you thats dazzling,these people are striving to show your beauty. These people inspire me to hope for the best.

You are strong.You are spirited.You are beautiful.

I believe its national pride kicking in! YoU will shine!

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Madhuresh said...

Very genuine concerns... and still prevailing... but no, we'll not let you down, You will shine! Yes, You will! Amen!