Saturday, October 16, 2010

Theres something extraordinary in ordinary people :)

Its that time of the year again! Women decked up in shimmery,super sexy lehenga cholis and men in traditional attires dance in trance(literally!). The floor practically reverberates as the speed catches up!
I stood in a corner watching them dance to familiar tunes.A pretty lady broke away from the circle and asked me to join in.What followed was the most wonderful time I've had in days. As I danced with a bunch of people I'd never met or even seen before,a sense of familiarity started seeping in. Although Mumbai often evokes this feeling,today it was more profound.
These ordinary people have something extraordinary in them! They can make you feel home even if they've met you minutes back. How is it that some people have this magical quality of loving everyone with such an open heart!I was a part of them even before I realized!
Is our generation moving too fast? Are we trying too hard to be extraordinary?
In our endeavor to be extraordinary, have we lost that beauty of an ordinary life? I mean, look at these wonderful people, they pray every morning so that the day ahead can be full of smiles.
There was a time when even I woke up and thanked god for all the wonderful people and things in my life. A time when the smallest of gifts made me leap out of my space and go wild in excitement.Where have those wonderful days of gratitude gone!?
Today in the middle of these beats, in the middle of those moments of bliss, these ordinary people gave me something priceless. The need to be ordinary. The need to thank god for all his blessings. The need to stop whining for an extra ordinary life.
They're real and yet surreal. They're simple yet classy. They're ordinary yet extraordinary. :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tribute...To some Part of some part of the World...or other world.

The list starts from those people I have never met or seen, people whose work and ideas changed my life drastically, knowingly or unknowingly they made me who I am,the way I think and the way I dream.
It started with Enid Blyton fairy tales that led me to believe toys had life in them :) , the presence of a faraway tree, elves and goblins :) Then came the phase when Famous five and secret seven replaced fairy tales and bingo! I made a group of awesome foursome who had their secret marks to identify the club bonding. Enid Blyton was a loyal friend till adolescence. Strange!A woman in some part of the world sketched characters that became my world.

My association with Enid Blyton became bleak once Sydney Sheldon entered my life. He talks about serious stuff! I'm grown up now!:-) "Lara Cameron" from Stars Shine down became a role model and instilled a fire for entrepreneurship, that fire dies down and again flickers every now and then, she will always be a part of me.

The woman who really touched a chord with me and changed my outlook, perspective,thoughts and my beliefs is Ayn Rand! It took me years to complete The fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. But these years untangled knots and complexities of life with such ease that till date I'm awe inspired.The characters in these novels still come alive as variety touches my life every now and then. These characters help me identify people and experiences as good or bad. One woman who taught me more than I could have maybe ever learnt in a lifetime. Cant find the right words to thank you!

Around the same phase the world was talking about this book "The secret" by Rhonda Byrne. That book I admit has created so many beautiful moments for me that I've lost count of them. It was an experiment for me, an experiment that worked and kept reinforcing my belief in it.
Have to thank that woman for this path breaking book and commercializing it successfully. I dont think I would have ever laid my hands on a self help book if the cover page wasnt as intriguing and mysterious as this one. You've done a wonderful job! And this theory is a part of me forever now :)

Its been 23 plus years of my life and these people are a part of me unknowingly.These wonderful writers and thinkers.An ode to them for having the imagination, courage,vision and ability to create such beautiful masterpieces! You've become immortal with your work and this ones a tribute to you!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Expression,Faith and Meanings

I followed others and stood in the queue waiting for my turn to have (what I assume is called Prasad in Hindu religion). She walked upto me and gravely asked , "Are you Catholic?" I shook my head and said No. "Then you cant taste that. Its from Jesus's body and only for catholics". I was struck by an unknown emotion and answers I had been looking for all this while stared straight at me.
Church. The serene atmosphere, those beautiful gospels, extracts from Bible and answers to the mysteries of life. These are moments which make me admire and appreciate other religions.
And then suddenly a perfect case of confused devotion pops up and flings me to the other end of belief.
My first reaction instinctively was going blank, which was replaced by resentment, which was replaced by anger, which finally after a lot of self debate solidified into acceptance. "She is just one of those people who cause the spark which spreads into fire as the feeling propagates. I have to ignore this feeling before it disillusions me."
I am here for peace and so are you. I am here to find answers and so are you.I am here to connect to that higher power and so are you.I bare my soul to him and so do you. Then what makes you discard me from this association?
Growing up in a Hindu Brahmin family innately attracts me to idol worship,hymns and prayers. Inspite of that need for loud expressions of faith I recognize the existence of a higher power who maybe doesnt even recognize any of these expressions. That power only responds to our feelings and emotions. With age this understanding has grown and this faith is strengthening.
Religion forms the base of our beliefs and understandings but its not the expression rather meaning of faith thats important.
I had read disappointing stories of communal bias but getting hurled into one of the pages and turning into one of the characters made me discern its severity.
This incident aroused a need in me; a need to hold on to my faith, a need to keep humanity above religion, a need to immune myself to such communal hatred.
Yes! There are bad experiences and good experiences. Seeds that either help us evolve into stronger individuals who "live" or rot us into shallow people who just "exist".
I made my choice . Tommorow you may have to make the same choice. Think twice before you make yours.Maybe you accidently read my blog .Maybe these thoughts make sense to you at that point of time. Even if you have made your choice.Think again.
Theres a beautiful song by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan,
"dhundhla jaayein jo manzilein ek pal ko tu nazar jhuka,
jhuk jaye sar jahan wahi milta hain rab ka rasta,
teri kismat tu badal de rakh himmat bus chal de,
tera saathi mere kadmon ke hain nishan,
tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda"
If this song makes sense to you too,but you've made your choice, think again.Delve into your faith,find meaning to it and express it only for love. If its not love. Think again.