Saturday, October 16, 2010

Theres something extraordinary in ordinary people :)

Its that time of the year again! Women decked up in shimmery,super sexy lehenga cholis and men in traditional attires dance in trance(literally!). The floor practically reverberates as the speed catches up!
I stood in a corner watching them dance to familiar tunes.A pretty lady broke away from the circle and asked me to join in.What followed was the most wonderful time I've had in days. As I danced with a bunch of people I'd never met or even seen before,a sense of familiarity started seeping in. Although Mumbai often evokes this feeling,today it was more profound.
These ordinary people have something extraordinary in them! They can make you feel home even if they've met you minutes back. How is it that some people have this magical quality of loving everyone with such an open heart!I was a part of them even before I realized!
Is our generation moving too fast? Are we trying too hard to be extraordinary?
In our endeavor to be extraordinary, have we lost that beauty of an ordinary life? I mean, look at these wonderful people, they pray every morning so that the day ahead can be full of smiles.
There was a time when even I woke up and thanked god for all the wonderful people and things in my life. A time when the smallest of gifts made me leap out of my space and go wild in excitement.Where have those wonderful days of gratitude gone!?
Today in the middle of these beats, in the middle of those moments of bliss, these ordinary people gave me something priceless. The need to be ordinary. The need to thank god for all his blessings. The need to stop whining for an extra ordinary life.
They're real and yet surreal. They're simple yet classy. They're ordinary yet extraordinary. :)

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