Friday, November 12, 2010

The ChiLd WithIn....

I woke up and stood by the window as usual.That little girl I noticed, was again upto her antics. I often see her dancing,sweeping the floor, talking to imaginary friends, hosting imaginary guests and cooking meals :) Innocence personified. Looking at her is getting a glimpse of every girls childhood.

A time when dolls were our best friends, our best friend today was a voice for other dolls then:) We didnt really care for what others were upto, what others thought of our playing throughout the day with our toy family and what others thought of our talking to ourselves! For us, it was the most natural behavior possible.But now we're growing up.Or are we?

Growing up makes sense if it adds a sense of responsibility, a responsibility to make life a worthwhile journey. Growing up makes sense if it adds to the strength within, the strength to believe and stand up for those beliefs. Growing up makes sense when the voice within becomes louder than the voices outside. When imagination becomes realism and you connect to that child within. When possibilities expand and unexplored doors suddenly open up.If growing up limits your dreams, plants seeds of doubt and fear,its just growing old!

Theres a child within each one of us. The child we are most often if not always ashamed of, that child is the window of our soul. That child is harmless,transparent,innocent and cheerful. That child may make us vulnerable to others, but a clear conscience makes that vulnerability our strength.

That little girl, doesnt even know that she tosses me back into a world I love the most, a part of the world that exists somewhere in time, a time I love travelling back to, a time that connects me to the child within, that reminds me each time I forget,

"We may be growing old, but theres still time to grow,
We may put the child in us to sleep, but the child's there for sure,
Connecting to that child within, gives us infinite space to grow.....

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Madhuresh said...

"We may put the child in us to sleep, but the child's there for sure..."