Friday, November 5, 2010

A girl like me :)

Mom: Is there someone? Should we start looking?I got a call from this guys..........
OH NO!!! Not again!!!
Yes!We're all going through the same phase. With our Moms groom prospecting (Uhhh!!!) and the stubborn us refusing to break away from our fantasy world, life isnt that simple any more! Of course I want to marry! But it cant be a compulsion with a timeline! Its the next 50-60 years of my life.Hello!I want to grow old with someone whos fun, loving,caring and compatible! Weighing someones resume for marriage is actually repulsive!
And then I get flashes of all "Spectacles waali moms and aunties" : "life mein compromise karna padta hai"
Compromise! What does that even mean! You cant compromise with your feelings. And here we're talking about compromising on life.
Megha. Our zenlike conversations arent taking us anywhere.
Vinita Punia. Your confusion in life confuses me more than anything and anyone. Talk about the great Jat Love story!
Romika Gahlaut. Im laughing. Lets not talk about marriage!
Dhriti. I can only see a hunter and a scared mouse like guy around.
Rupal. Miss sorted who distorts the idea of marriage with her theories
Sonam. Whew lover girl... I see some hope here.

All my crazy girls. Please please please. We need some stability. Are we looking for boyfriends or lovers? Lovers or husbands ? What are we looking for? Do we want it forever? Do we want it for a season?

I really dont know what we want. Till the time it wasnt time to take a call, philosophy worked. Now that its time, nothing works!

Just the fact that there are other crazy, confused,adorable girls around makes things better if not easier. Girls like me....Confused like me....with problems like mine...with dreams like mine....Yes! Its you! All of you who've added flavors to this scary phase and made it memorable. Cheers to all of you all!

PS: And for those of you I havent mentioned.....its because I wasnt sure if you'd like being mentioned or maybe I didnt know your story :) :) But if you can relate to this... I'm sure even you're a girl like me! :) :)


romika said...

my dear friend… our endless group discussions on mr.perfect and our varied experiences makes me conclude :
‘looks x availability x brains’ is a constant which is 0. in case the second factor is not an issue niceness is inversely proportional to the distance.
the good ones are taken, if there aren’t you will figure out at some point why they weren’t!

this is a theory without any exceptions!

find me an exception to this rule and i’ll sponsor a world tour for you :) ....and while you are gone maybe marry the guy ;)

:D bottom line… the aunties are right! Compromise :)

Shruti Lele said...

HEy the good ones r still around! I found one rite!!! SO "kahin na kahin koi hai" hahahaha

But jokes apart girls u gotta just let things happen. There r a billion ppl in this damn country. R u telling that there wont be a SINGLE nice guy in there???? I doubt it..

So keep looking!!!!! :)

Madhusha said...

whats with the blog turning into "Is there a Mr.Right" discussion forum? !! hahahahaha
Its just that its time to take a call and we're so not ready for it...everyone seemed so freaked out that I thought its funny and felt like blogging it.
Lele: Remember the jitters u were getting before engagement?! This blogs about a similar feeling.
Romiiii : I knew u'll come up with a comment that'll take me an hour to decipher.:-) and in the end ill not agree :-)
My SPice! mmuah! compromise n u? ;-)

dhriti said...

My dearest, cutest,crazy friend....firstly, i totally take offence in you calling me a 'Hunter waali' and my to-be husband a 'scared mouse'...grr..but at the same time i gotta share sum wisdom with my lost and confused gal friend(listen to the expert)..I admire the fact that u don't want to rush into being in Love...and that you want to wait till it happens, but sweety at the same time u gtta give love a gotta look in the corners of a box to find it, bcoz for all u know, he is rght there and u just refuse to see him...It's true that u can't rush into love, but the truth is that LOve is just a's a mixture of various things like caring for a person, concerned for the person, wanting happiness for him, wanting to be with him, know what he's upto etc etc...all these combined make you "truly in LOVE"....I know u will be the last to fall in love, but when you do, ur love for him wud be give LOVE a chance, and wen it happens, we gurls wud be standing right next to you,ready with ur much dreamed and much talked of-"PRINCESS STYLE, GOWN WAALI,SPINSTER PARTY"..luv u

Anonymous said...

since u've removed this from facebook...i "like"...hehee!!!..bad jokes apart...i'm sure that distorted theories will sort themselves out...wit a deadline!!.and am equally sure that fantasies come true for people who continue to believe in better example than you...and when that does more blog...:-)...cheers to you and don't stop dreaming..the secret!!

Madhusha said...

@dhriti: I can c sumones totally smitten n lovelorn.....pearls of wisdom :D waah waah!
I love the last line though...documented...dare u back off!
@pal:Shudder shudder? ;-)

i said...

Hey Madhusha,

I really cant recollect who sent me your blog link, but i must tell you this piece of Blog is really excellent.

I agree with your friend Megha - 'Our zenlike conversations arent taking us anywhere' - so so true, how much ever you talk about this topic there is never suitable conclusion for this topic.

Parents will never understand what we feel, they will always say "life is about compromises and adjustments"

I can totally associate myself with this blog, and i am sure most of my gal pals will feel the same. And there are many other confused girls like us - who have mixed feeling when it comes to take a call...

Cheers to you for this piece of Blog :)


Madhusha said...

Hey Ishani,...thanks for the comment....its reli nice to hear from girls who feel the same...:-) CheerS!

Madhuresh said...

" grow old with someone who is fun, loving,caring and compatible! Weighing someones resume for marriage is actually repulsive!"

Bilkul sahi, ekdum mann ki baat!! :)