Saturday, December 4, 2010

A girl I met

I saw her standing outside the station and paced towards her when suddenly two college kids barged from nowhere and started talking to her in great urgency. "Okay! I thought she was coming alone. Who are these kiddos!"
I waved at her and the next few hours were one of the most interesting moments of my life.

Curious and excited, I'd been wondering what she'll be like!What would we talk about? Would we bond as two women or feel weird about the roles we play, would we come back with a feeling of disappointment and insecurity or would we take back a feeling of sisterhood. In the middle of all this excitement these teenyboppers(who were complete strangers) added to the tempo by making us a part of their drama. These kids wanted to go partying and were conning their Mom into believing they were staying at Gigi's cousins place in Carter road ( Dont ask me why I ended up playing Gigi's character). So thats how I first met that girl. And thats how a memorable eventful evening started.

Can ex's be friends is an endless debate. But my take on it... Absolutely!I guess respect, faith and compassion is the beauty of this relationship...Can their present partners bond with you? My take on it today....Absolutely!Sometimes these relationships pose potentially uncomfortable situations which can turn into amazingly wonderful ones!

I know these relations can fade away anytime, these people can move out anytime,but these memories stay forever. As times change, as we grow and experience new things, meet new people, understand different facets of their personality, life becomes more fulfilling and interesting than yesterday.

I realize the value of every person who's left a mark in the pages of my memory. Who knowingly/unknowingly made me stronger and deeper. This girl believed me and I believed her, I dont know if I'll ever meet her again but I know that she's left me with pleasant memories. Beyond every seemingly complicated situation is a little word called faith, and that faith I believe creates beautiful memories. So cheers to this girl I met :-)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Little Moments

It was almost eleven when we were returning home, tired and worn out. The traffic was clear surprisingly and I could feel the wind on my face as the taxi moved on. Motion has a strange effect on me. I wished I could just keep moving and stop only at something that complimented this motion.My roommate fortunately is equally impulsive and so travelling it was!

Sea face. The sound of waves.The majestic enormity and the unmatched feeling it inspires. Deep, soulful and real.Mumbai sea face has huge rocks on the shore, its not a beach, its just a face. I saw stagnant water in the middle of rocks and free flowing wild waves on the other side. I want to be like that wave, leap out of my comfort zone, mock at the whole world and sail in the vast waters of experience.

Little moments. When you do what you feel is right. When you look around the crowd and realize your place in it. You know none of them but their presence is comforting in its own way. It gives a sense of belongingness in nothingness sometimes. These are moments I cant define but they give me solace. Perhaps they bring me closer to people who love me and make me feel special.

Little moments. When people of great integrity come by your side and make you believe in the charm of every relationship. Its spending time with such people that intensifies the feeling of sisterhood. Faith is something I cant see or touch. But I can feel it. Faith in people. Faith in the love of people. Faith in the goodness of people. Faith in the beauty of a free mind.A mind that reacts to feelings, not a mind that judges by definition.

Little moments. When you set yourself free. Free yourself of all guilt,shame,burden and assumptions. When you accept yourself,your dreams, your eccentricities and passions with unadulterated love. Its that acceptance which gives us little moments. Its that acceptance that makes every person beautiful.

Its these little moments I want to live. Its these little moments I want to cherish. Little moments that make me. Little moments that make you a part of me. Little moments that are traced somewhere in the pages of time. Little moments that make me happy,peaceful and proud. Little moments...and more of them.