Friday, January 7, 2011

Celebrating the Spirit of Humanity

I write assuming we're all really made up of the same stuff. We have our own uniqueness but we're all made up of the same basic things. When I write, I'm immune to external influences, its the simplest part of me which I assume is the same for the rest of us, flows into words and gets alive everytime its read by someone.

I write assuming every person in this world can love unconditionally and truly when they're devoid of the effects of public opinion. Its opinions that tamper your basic love for people, things, places and activities. Opinions often shred the most beautiful relationships into confused pieces of nothingness, opinions often sublimate the most passionate desires into lousy habits and opinions often erase colors from the most vibrant sights.

I write with my faith in the spirit of humanity. Its above every relationship. Its above every opinion and assumption. Everytime the world prays for peace, every time people light candles to signify theres hope and everytime masses come together to light up the darkness around, the spirit of humanity wins.

As I write I hope that time strengthens my basic love for people, things, places and activities.As I write I hope to believe in the simplest side of everything and everyone. And as I write I hope to celebrate the spirit of humanity all my life.