Monday, February 28, 2011

A Lot LIkE LoVe :)

I've seen people change, I've seen situations change and I've seen feelings change!
But I feel truly blessed to see lives change and change so beautifully that all those fairy tales suddenly become believable again!
When you're happy from within it shows on your face :)
She looks more beautiful than ever before and adds beauty to every place and situation like never before! A beauty so contagious and refreshing! Its almost like showers of blessings from above.She says its love :) I say its a lot like love :)
I was always too scared, maybe intimidated or just shy to write about it.Come on!Love is an emotion that needs to be locked in the private chambers of your heart,not to be discussed even with yourself! But something as wonderful and miraculous as love, deserves a lot more space than a little chamber to suffocate in.
Love! Always wished it was more than what I saw in movies and wow!A wish came true! :)
I see her holding his hand and chirp away like a little girl with nothing to worry about, do crazy things with a certainty that he'd catch her if she stumbles, spread joy like there's enough to last beyond a lifetime and dream with a belief that tomorrow would make it all come true! :)
I didn't know someone can brighten your life with such intensity that it shines through everyone around you till I saw her. Someone can bring peace into your life in such a way that the serenity becomes palpable.She says its love :) I say its a lot like love :)
Every time my faith waivers, I look at her and find it illuminating my world again.
For everyone who's given me a reason to smile, feel secured,cared for and blessed, there's been a common thread binding us...and that thread I believe...Is a lot like Love :)
That thread I believe has made me strong enough to wait for the right moment,right person and right emotion...That thread has given me enough reasons to look through every seemingly miserable situation and walk right through it with a belief in magic moments :)
Its cheesy, its soppy and very very filmy. Yet I look at her and know its a wish come true. I look at her and thank god a million times for this picture. I look at her and the cheesiest side of me wants to shout out to the world.....She says its love....and I wish its love and a lot like love and lot more like love and more of LoVe :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Coffees and conversations like there was no tomorrow, beauty and make up to accentuate the charm of life, conviction and confidence like the world would kiss our feet!
Those wonderful girls.
And then this transition to womanhood. Its confusing, intimidating and challenging. They know they're losing strength and need to compose themselves. When did these strong girls turn into weak vulnerable women? We falter, we mess up, we clear it, we fall, we rise, we make mistakes, we learn,at the end we come out as stronger women.
Wanting to be loved is always an instinct, but when did it become a need? Is it pressure? Is it fear? Is it a void?It breaks my heart to see us all crumbling under pressure. Instead of getting a grip of situations, lets get a grip on ourselves.
Its not just us, its every girl in this world who is going through this transition. We're all confused and vulnerable. And we're all struggling. Some of us are giving in, some of us are in denial, some are painting rosy pictures, some of us are compromising and others who've just lost themselves to avoid the misery of walking into unknown territories.
Its awkward to accept a weakness, but lets accept it anyway. If we make it through this phase and come out stronger, the battles half won! Lets not give in and give up, lets keep that girl in us alive, that girl who wasn't afraid to dream, who believed in miracles, who believed in love and all the beautiful moments that are fading away in this interlude.