Thursday, April 14, 2011

The People of India...

"What are you doing!!! Note this number and give a missed call on it. Have you blogged about the the Jan Lokpal Bill??? We have to support Anna Hazare's crusade against corruption!!!"

I woke up startled. Was that really my Dad calling!!!! Since the earliest of my memories, such conversations have always had me advocating social service and causes with Dad giving me the "Do as you wish look!"

My facebook home page, blackberry messenger, message box, mail box, its everywhere! The Jan Lokpal Bill. Is it the answer to one of the biggest deterrents of our nations growth : Corruption?

Although it seems ironical to have a committee of people that would be a watchdog to the "government chosen by the people, of the people and for the people" only time can answer this big question. In spite of the questions it poses, if the bill wipes off the dirt in our system, Kudos!

The strength of a mans character, power of masses and the awakening of people's conscience. The phenomena was triumphatic!

Every individual who contributed to Hazare's fight for this noble cause added to the beginning of a glorious era.An era of hopes, truth and freedom. The success and might of this bill is a question mark in my head, but the success and might of each mans soul who contributed to its acceptance, who percieve this to be the path to a better India is an answer to my hopes.

Dad. In my eyes anything that you support is worth millions of voices. A man who inspired you, inspired thousands of others and brought about this revolution, is a legend. And with this legend, my heart leaps with joy to see the victory of people, the people of India! :)

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