Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The road to a dream.......

The anticipation of living a dream moment is ecstatic...It gives you a sense of tranquility with bouts of maddening zeal! A feeling beyond words. It is approaching those moments which reinforce your beliefs in life and all the beautiful things it offers.
Such times make you appreciate and love the journey, times which make you realise that creating these moments is a gift in itself,the road to a dream is as beautiful as living the dream!
Its like making your favorite curry with a pinch of everything you love; the spices, the flavours, the ingredients and perhaps even the ambience of the place where you prepare it! The curry wouldnt be half as nice if it wasnt the process you enjoyed as much!
Life is just like that curry. Dream moments wont be half as wonderful if the journey wasnt complimented by myriad emotions; stirring,quietening,rising and mellowing! :-)
And so the road ahead,towards and beyond this milestone.....bliss!:-)

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Madhuresh said...

These moments are a gift and the journey is a bliss.. :)