Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Paint It Red......

In the middle of a super hectic day ...the only reason I just had to get this out of my system is that some songs just cant let you work in peace....And pages of an amazing journey reopen...:D

"Painting it red" really gets meaning in this journey! A movie, especially a movie that evokes an "Oh wish I could do this someday!" response from most people you know, becomes a delight when you can so completely relate to it! Vacations that keep getting better, friendships that keep growing stronger, fears that keep fading and people who keep evolving!

Those roads, the places,the massages,the pool,the sea,the world beneath,the corals,the wind,the rains, the lights, a world we'd not even heard of before and limits we'd never imagined we'd cross! From the sands of Goa with hardly Rs.5000 to the land of Thai's with *USD 5000(minus 4500 :D), its been a bag full of so many beautiful moments. Somehow the bag grows bigger every time we reach the brink, Magical! :)

Red means more than love ;-) Paradise means more than Shopping ;-) and Getting high has nothing to do with alcohol! :-)

Before too many words dilute the meaning of this high, let me get back to work, with the sound of this awesome track and pictures of my awesome people+ moments floating behind the covers....:)

"Take the world and Paint it red......"

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Spirit of Mumbai!

It was a beautiful evening as we passed by the sea face talking about the magic of Mumbai. Inspite of its dirt,drainage,traffic jams,pollution and over-population; the city makes you fall in love with it over and over again. I'd been wondering what electrifies this city to a degree that you can feel the vibes as soon as you enter its roads.

In the middle of fear and shock, I got my answer yesterday.Mumbai! Amidst these serial attacks by a bunch of frustrated losers,beyond the pain and loss, you again emerged a winner. Your never say die spirit shone through cameras and real time.Despite consistent attacks of terror, you've flourished, untouched by fear. The terrorists look so small in front of the common man of Mumbai! Its been years of attempts and Mumbai keeps growing stronger.
The losses we suffered cannot be compensated by words,rage or hatred, but the hope for a more secure India grows profound with this incident.Respect and pride for the spirit of Mumbai grows manifold with this incident.To every person who got into local trains maybe with a flicker of fear but oodles of strength,walked into the streets with their head held high,tried pacifying the unrest yesterday to enliven the city with greater energy and strength today. Saluting the brave people of Mumbai. You're the pride of India and truly define spirit!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Shoebox of Photographs with sepiatone loving.......:-)

"Our dreams,they're made out of real things....Like a shoebox of photographs with sepiatone loving "
This chapter,this journey,this feeling has so much to be put into words and so much more that goes beyond what words can ever describe.
A leap across so many boundaries, euphoria that can only be felt and maybe never described!
Life gives a choice at every stage,every choice takes you to a new pedestal and every pedestal opens up scope for something more beautiful than before!
Raw and crazy,exotic and idiotic,stark and subtle,sleazy and amusing! The place had it all! From dirty confessions to comforting realizations! From frilly girls to badmaash boys! We did it all!
An experience that completed a transition, an experience that took us to the other end of the interlude, an experience that turned a talked about dream into reality!An ode to these liberating moments and many more that are quietly smiling and waiting down the line for us to breathe life into them :-)
Before too many words dilute its meaning, I want to float into that beautiful zone alive with the sound of my favorite track and pictures of love and life swirling around :-)

hmmmmmm.....Its always better when we're together.....hmmmmmm....Somewhere in between together.....hmmmmm...........:-)