Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Paint It Red......

In the middle of a super hectic day ...the only reason I just had to get this out of my system is that some songs just cant let you work in peace....And pages of an amazing journey reopen...:D

"Painting it red" really gets meaning in this journey! A movie, especially a movie that evokes an "Oh wish I could do this someday!" response from most people you know, becomes a delight when you can so completely relate to it! Vacations that keep getting better, friendships that keep growing stronger, fears that keep fading and people who keep evolving!

Those roads, the places,the massages,the pool,the sea,the world beneath,the corals,the wind,the rains, the lights, a world we'd not even heard of before and limits we'd never imagined we'd cross! From the sands of Goa with hardly Rs.5000 to the land of Thai's with *USD 5000(minus 4500 :D), its been a bag full of so many beautiful moments. Somehow the bag grows bigger every time we reach the brink, Magical! :)

Red means more than love ;-) Paradise means more than Shopping ;-) and Getting high has nothing to do with alcohol! :-)

Before too many words dilute the meaning of this high, let me get back to work, with the sound of this awesome track and pictures of my awesome people+ moments floating behind the covers....:)

"Take the world and Paint it red......"


sonam said...

USD 500 not 5000 !!! lol...had it been 5000 we would have gone to europe !

Madhusha said...

one minute....i know...i purposely did it...:p ;-)

dhriti said...

ha , i hope sonam u got the 'one minute' waala joke on u.....to add on i say dashy u r gng on the right track with this blog.every line i read takes me to the beautiful vacation of ours and all those fun moments seem like a dream we lived....i would love to have more such wonderful moments with u guys coz u make it so much fun and memorable....I raise a toast to all of us...Many More Such Trips to cum...Cheers

Madhuresh said...