Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Spirit of Mumbai!

It was a beautiful evening as we passed by the sea face talking about the magic of Mumbai. Inspite of its dirt,drainage,traffic jams,pollution and over-population; the city makes you fall in love with it over and over again. I'd been wondering what electrifies this city to a degree that you can feel the vibes as soon as you enter its roads.

In the middle of fear and shock, I got my answer yesterday.Mumbai! Amidst these serial attacks by a bunch of frustrated losers,beyond the pain and loss, you again emerged a winner. Your never say die spirit shone through cameras and real time.Despite consistent attacks of terror, you've flourished, untouched by fear. The terrorists look so small in front of the common man of Mumbai! Its been years of attempts and Mumbai keeps growing stronger.
The losses we suffered cannot be compensated by words,rage or hatred, but the hope for a more secure India grows profound with this incident.Respect and pride for the spirit of Mumbai grows manifold with this incident.To every person who got into local trains maybe with a flicker of fear but oodles of strength,walked into the streets with their head held high,tried pacifying the unrest yesterday to enliven the city with greater energy and strength today. Saluting the brave people of Mumbai. You're the pride of India and truly define spirit!


rahul said...

The energy is electric, the restlessness is must be the most dynamic 300 sq miles in the world!

Madhusha said...


Madhuresh said...

truly, the spirit of India!