Saturday, August 27, 2011

People's victory!

Nothing can beat the feeling of getting a call from your Mom, full of energy,enthusiasm and hopes for a brighter future! An emotional Mom on the other side of the phone, " Esha!!You couldnt have slept through the morning today, the victory of our democracy, it was phenomenal, you just had to witness it! Even that Maalishwaala Bhaiya left his work and sat with us to watch TV .He had tears in his eyes. It was such an emotional moment. "
I just smiled and knew this day was special. Mom and Dad, I feel so proud to be a part of our family and a greater family, The Democratic Republic of India.
A tide of people came on the streets, the atmosphere reverberated with energy, people joined hands and a peaceful protest got victory! A movement that reflected the power,magnificence and might of people. People with an aim, people with a vision and people with determination. Its been legendary and I feel blessed to experience this sunshine. With this legend, my heart leaps with joy to see the victory of people, the people of India! :)


Madhusha said...

Just a reflection of genuine emotions and expressions....when family generates patriotism...Mommy's views...I'm sure shared by many others in today....!/notes/jayashree-dash/i-am-proud-to-be-a-part-of-this-great-land/2000203561095

Savvy said...

Very well written !!!

Madhuresh said...

Nice article by your Mom :)
..and yes, nothing can beat you do wonders if you have such enthusiastic and encouraging parents :)