Sunday, August 28, 2011

The two of you....

We stood in front of a strange flat with an open terrace. The crazy little pest I'll love forever said, " Dashu! I reli wanna go and relive some memories in that terrace. Dunno who stays there now, but I reli reli feel like going there for sometime."
Huh???!! I was first startled and looked at her disbelievingly for a few seconds before I found myself nodding in agreement." Okay! If you really want to do this, then we'll do it."
I knew it was madness but still agreed. For one, I just can't say no to this pest and secondly,I believe, when you feel like doing something, dont let anything in the world stop you from doing it!
She would do everything that's not supposed to be done, which is risky, sometimes frightening and most of the times shocking. Comes across as the worlds biggest snob. Happens to be one of the most beautiful human beings I've ever met.
Free spirited and vivacious,with an infectious laughter! That's my laughy for you. :-)

There's this other woman.....
"Dashhhhhuuuuu...oooooooo" And some crazy rhyme to follow it up with whenever she's happy and gay (I still think something was fishy between you and Aunty! tch tch ;-D) .
She has this funny ability to invite trouble wherever she goes. Practices positive thinking vehemently but trouble just loves her!A perfectly normal day and she would slip from the stairs and fall flat on the ground with the next few weeks groaning in pain. Teach the whole hostel during exams and blank out completely while writting the paper. Plan an outing and have a stomach upset just before we step out. Leave for office half an hour before time to beat the traffic and reach two hours late because she takes the wrong route. The best part is, in the middle of all her troubles, you'd find her solving problems for others,helping them and flashing that cute (you would die for smile) to everyone around.
Cute,cuddly and oh so innocent!! That's My Vini for you :-)

These two and times with them are like a different world. A world I can enter and exit at any point of time, irrespective of whether we've spoken for days or months, knowing when I come back, it'll all be the same and I'll have a sea of love and laughter to sail into.

Oh did I miss a common word that can be used for both these characters?Ditchers! They'll plan your birthday in advance and either forget it on "D-Day" or "get stuck somewhere".

But hell! who cares! Two people I love almost the way I love my Frappe.My little Laughy and My Chotu Gai.Who might not always be there with me but have always been there for me. Always smiling, laughing and loving.

This space is all about people,places and things I love, so incomplete without my two specials..

Here's to all those crazy, idiotic, mindless times and endless memories. Love you both!


Vinita Punia said...

I loved the way you wrote this blog. I had tears in my eyes laughing so much. Love you always Dashu & Laughy.

Savvy said...

Vinita Punia deserves this acknowledgement..even I luv her :)

Vinita Punia said...

Thank you Savi :) Love you & miss you guys a lot :(

Rahul said...

in bengali,there is a fictional character called 'pagla dashu'.....:-D ur posts do remind me of him sometimes....:-)