Sunday, September 4, 2011

A moment in Time...Blessed and Overwhelmed !

A couple of hours before we pack our bags to leave Mc Leodganj,the phone rings and we both look at each other with a fading flicker of hope to meet a man.A man who's the face of Tibet, a man who's revered by millions, a man who's greatness stretches across the globe and whose teachings on love and compassion touches lives everyday.
Even while I was playing excuses in my head to justify why it wasn't meant to happen,I saw Savi's face lit up as she passed the phone to me. The next few hours were a blur.When I say we went into a frenzy of excitement, I really mean it! Did we just manage to get a personal meeting with "Dalai Lama"??? OMG! We did!!!

A security check, 12 delighted faces and non stop chatter."So we're among'st the only blessed twelve to get a personal meeting with him! How did we get so lucky! We hardly tried! I love Vini for making this happen!What do we ask him? Oh! The security said he'll just give his blessings and not speak to anyone.We just get a few seconds.How would it feel to meet a spiritual person of his stature at this proximity"
As we watched the other two girls awestruck and go speechless, we knew this was no ordinary person. You could feel his aura from a distance........ His holiness as they called him...........

He draped the white scarfs around us and asked something which sounded like, "Are you from Defense? Where have you come from?" I could hear Savy saying, "Mumbai". All
this while, I was too awestruck to even utter a word. Just remember smiling ear to ear endlessly and experiencing an emotion for the first time, an emotion I was yet to find the right word for.

This question I'm looking an answer for,it may be silly.Should I ask?But I've been wondering about it a lot lately.Should I ask??Okay! I'll ask!

The next second, I found myself saying "Can I ask you something??"
"Yes Yes!!" He answered with a warm smile and sincere expressions.
"Do you believe in soulmates ??"
He looked around not sure of what my question meant.
"Is that a friend??" He asked with a puzzled look.
Savy managed to help with, "someone more than a friend"
I saw a few attendants stepping towards us and felt some movement around. There were people translating the question in Tibetan trying to explain the question to him.
I'm assuming they tried interpreting it to the best of their capacity and understanding.

He said something like, "My whole life is dedicated to ma
nkind and spreading peace"
Didn't get an answer to my question but got a tight hug instead from his holiness. A moment in time which completely froze as I felt tears welling up in my eyes.
As I walked out, this word "overwhelmed" found its meaning in the truest of sense.

A force beyond my understanding and an experience for a lifetime. All the theories about positive vibes, aura and blessings turned into an experience that one moment. An unforgettable snapshot in the pages of our memories.....A moment in time...Blessed and Overwhelmed!


dhriti said...

Classic this is..u actly asked Dalai Lama d 'question'..way to go gurl..really well written nd d pics just add to d whole experience of reading..keep with d writing, coz I quite njoi readng them..cheers

Sridhar Ramachandran said...

Dalai Lama is probably the only person / human being i respect for being the 'Spiritual Leader' that he is.. really amazing to know that you could meet him.. so up and close..and btw i feel the answer to your question is hidden in what he has said.. Soulmate need not be a person.. it can be what something / some act that probably will let you dedicate the rest of your life for.. in some lucky cases it will be a person.. and some cases it will be a service.. and some bad cases you will never know..

Rahul said...

wooooooooooooah,wait....just how on earth did u 2 manage to get a face-2-face with him??????????and also get some snaps taken????Grrrrr!!!!!!!*neighbour's envy,owner's pride*

Madhusha said... a friend helped lucky :-)

Kavi said...

simply... wow!!! :) You are very lucky!

Madhusha said...

yes kavita.Very. Thanks for visiting :)

Madhuresh said...

Wow! must have been a wonderful moment!! :) :)

phatichar said...