Saturday, October 15, 2011


The world's all about projections. About how you're "perceived". Project yourself the right way and you're the man. "Act" keeping in mind how you're judged,and life would be easy.
Wait! There's another option(stuck up and boring),simply maintain "Decorum".

Like Decorum!!!Screw you Decorum! I've chased you like a clingy stalker but you just don't make friends with me.

I end up doing the wrong thing at the wrong place all the time.I've had this weird theory about being "yourself" everywhere, always.Wellll! Now "your-self" might not be appropriate at all the places always,right?
I wish it was otherwise but a voice screams (usually in the form of my Mom or Savvy) , "THAT'S NOT RIGHT!BEHAVE YOURSELF!"

Quivered in anger, vehemence,arrogance and tried to ignore. But dammit! Finally had to succumb to the power of Decorum. Life is easier with "you".

I've religiously followed the popular IST which is actually NOT (never on time) almost all my life till now. Naa Naa..I'm not advocating this evil. I fight with it every morning.But Hell!The NOT bug loves me.BLAH! Visions of me in the late-queue in school,late for lectures in college and now sprinting in that fancy building every morning late for work have started tormenting me. Well bug, either you leave ceremoniously after this announcement(can you hear drum rolls in the background?) or else die a slow painful death.The choice is yours.

There's more to it than just being punctual. O lord! Its a lot more in fact!! Its like re-inventing and re-discovering yourself. I would hate to believe in projections and perceptions.For me, being fake willfully is worse than being gagged and imprisoned. I would rather do some repair work (ouch ouch. Repairs need painful amount of will power) but at least you can hold your head high and shout it out to the world, "That was me THEN! And this is me NOW!With or without you!"
Plugging my head phones between nine to six. Sigh!Its time to say goodbye. (Tears filling my eyes, sniff sniff. I'll miss you at work, music!)
Tilting my head and giggling out aloud at the wrong places. (Bie!I dont thinkI'll miss you. You're anyway passe (:-P)
Looking through obnoxious people as if they didn't exist (Guess we can manage to hold hands for some more time.I like your it in fact ;-D)

Well Well!

Deco-Rum. I could never have an affair with you.I mean forget about having an affair, we couldn't even have a fling! But I'm determined to get you this November and make this our very own sweet November. Please be mine for life.(I'm down on my knees,I'm begging you please!)

I don't want to have a life that's dol-d-rum without you Mr.Deco-rum!

And for the records, I'm re-discovering and re-inventing myself, Only to be with you!

Welcome to my world, Deco (Hiccup)Rum.


Savvy said...

This one is really funny and I can almost imagine you struggle :)

BTW reading this I feel a bit guilty..may be we should just let you be. After all this makes you what you are and why we love you :)

Rashmi said...

hehe funny :) loved it...n i too have visions of you standing in late-comers line in school...remember wat princi said during ur farewell party ;) haha...

PS- Love reading ur blog :)

Madhusha said...

@savvy: Never mind ;-)
@Rashmi: Lol! Yaah....Sigh! Some habits die hard...hehhehehhe....

PS: Thanks for the feedback..Keep reading!!

Sowmya Kandala said...

Lol... Always late and always tried how to manage the
Missing part of the uniform... I so remember :)
I remember the music part too how u wud buy casettes of all movies ;) KKHH
i donot remember how many times u "made" me listen to them :D
I read all ur posts love them all... U always was a gr8 writer and still counting :)

RJ said...

maddy, u r too good... this late comers incident is so true... I missed u during our assembly time, and the moment we were supposed to move to our class, Esha is coming/leading the group of innocent ppl... :)
Even our so called strict Princy cudn't do anything as u were sweet kido with super awesome innocent look on ur face... m in the euphoria of d best days of our life... d school dayzzz...

m smiling n just smiling... each of those moments are moving in front of my eyes... God! i can't blv that m reading ur blogs during my ofc hrs n dat too when m heavily loaded with the work... but gal...I don't care... today m gonna read as much as I can... Keep writing n stay blessed!!! :)


Preeti Baruah said...

I'm on vacation and not missing your blogs! :D Part of my relaxation and entertainment! :* Awesome, you are!

Madhusha said...

@Sowmya and RJ :U bet :P And thanks both!!! :D
@Preeti Preeti :) So r u! :* and post something this vacation:)

a MAD in the BAD world said...

good one its funny..

Rahul said...

:-) looks like Decorum rubbed u the wrong way more than once...:-) have u finally made peace with it???

Madhusha said...

@Rahul: Lol: Yeah....kind of :D

Madhuresh said...

Loved it and liked two hundred percent!! :) Wonderfully and very aptly penned down the feelings... reading you is irresistible :)