Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Love, Mom (At the age of almost 25)

This letter(which happens to be my favorite post till date) won the editors choice award on Blogjunta.

Hey Both!

How does it feel to read this vintage piece? I mean, I wrote it when I was barely 25 ! (Shrugging shoulders)

How do I look now?Hope I'm not fat and Aunty-like. If I look remotely Aunty-types, pull me to the gymn/make me do Yoga/force me to jog,try anything! But make sure you remind me its never too late for repairs, you're never too old to look young and you're never too matured to be a child.
By the way, is D still the same "Ohhhh so hot! " kind of a babe?
Inspired by Friends/Gossip Girls/Sex in the city, you name a popular sitcom and she'd have a shade of some character from it. Why do I feel she might even have this "Don't call me Aunty syndrome" running in her blood as you guys grow up! If she does, DONT listen! Call her Aunty. Her kids call me Aunty, so even my kids call her Aunty. Truce!

And what about Rustic? Does HE let you call him uncle? Or does he prefer some P(hh)unjaabi word? By the way,he was considered super-hot when we were in college. The poor guy never knew his potential.Tch tch! I hope he realises his true potential AT LEAST by the time you both read this.He's innocent,honest and childlike in a very endearing way.If you find any of these shades missing in him, pull his hair and bully him into being himself again.

M aka Inderjeet Singh from Haryaana. By now you'd have figured she's a man in a woman's skin. I wonder if she still has that crazy 'kick some serious ass' sense of humor.I hope she doesn't pretend to be a strict mom to her kids because she was a BRAT when I wrote this. If she tries to be anything like that, make her kids read this and ensure they rebel if she's changed.

I guess sparrow face is still her goofy self. Trying to be all cool and composed but her simple as suppandi side just overpowers her sad attempts! Guess she still listens to her heart over everything else and by now is immune to being influenced by what other's think/do.
What's right for you is specific to you and 'only you' decide what you'll be. Please nod in agreement when I say "You both are unique/comfortable in your own skin/interesting people.
Hope you know all the fun places in the vicinity, have a set of friends to share your happiness with, love music, dance and parties. Hope you're creative, if one of you is a techie or a bookworm, I'm okay with that, create moments for all I care!! But create stuff with colors in it, stuff dreams are made of and make that stuff real.I created a page and feel happy filling it,so doooon't give me that "Mom!practice what you preach" look.

These four people I'm writing about might have changed in all these years.They might have become stuffy,stuck-up,guarded and boring.But you now know how they really are, if any of them has forgotten their awesomeness,make sure you get them on this page again; fun, happy and full of life! The kind of people who walk into a room and brighten it up with their spark for living!

What else? Get us all together and arrange for a wonderful party on my 50th birthday. Remind us we romanticized the heart breaks, glamorized the happiness, inflated our achievements and celebrated at every given chance when we were 25.

If we're still the same,make a dramatic announcement on how we've lived it up, open a champagne bottle, play some good music and raise a toast to us.

In case we've forgotten, reverse roles and teach us to live again!


Mom (At the age of almost 25)


Preeti Baruah said...

You are quite nuts, hope you know that. :)

megha yadav said...

u are friends with some lame people :D :D !!! who is this "M" character!! looks a little weird :0 hehehehehe just kidding dashinder!!! A very honest and beautiful piece.... loved every bit of it!!

sonam said...

Dash...i am mad at u for calling me a sparrow face ..but i love you even more for such a beautiful piece of writing...now we do have something to remind us of how crazy we all are ! its a treasure !

nikhil said...

well lemme clear up things first....my sweet fren i no my true potential yaar.....stop assuming........nd one more thing .......... u forgot to mention hw super beautiful megha is.....i mean i m nt tryin to flirt or may be ya......neways bout my dear fren dash...i will always love u AS A FREN( capslock on for people who believed that we were dating) nd always remain d same....stupid,cute,sweet,pure and an angelic devil.....ab bahut hui tarif ...main apke blog se vida leta hun...namaskar....dhanyawaad....

Vinita Punia said...

This is the most beautiful piece written by you Dashu. Continue writing such stuff and I am sure some cosmo magazine will hire you soon :)

Madhuresh said...

It IS Amazing! I wonder!!