Friday, November 18, 2011

Its Weekend and you aren't Parttttying????!!! (Tch Tch)

Friday Evening, 6 pm.

I typed that last email of the week to a client when it dawned upon me that I had nowhere to go after office. Normal people work on weekdays and chill on weekends,but Mumbai people party on weekdays, party more on weekends and slyly the word party sneaks into your sleeves like a tiresome bug.

You walk past people in coffee shops, malls, elevators,office and simply can't miss the oh so routine, "Hey! Of course we'll 'party' this weekend ya." Now before you start thinking here's a loony idiot from some small town dissing Mumbai lifestyle, lemme clarify, I totally love Mumbai.

But the growing craze of "partttying" is becoming, ehhh (clearing throat), a little taxing. As soon as Wednesday knocks your door, it brings along with it, status messages,text messages and conversations,everything revolving around the same la di freaking da question, "Whats the plan for the weekend??"

Dammit!I have no plans this weekend! I'm a little lonely girl in a little lonely matchbox sized house in Mumbai typing away to glory (thinking, she'll be the next big name in the writers world. Sneer ! Beat that!). Houses in this city are really tiny,you'd get a mansion for the same price at other parts of the country, but its a different ballgame in Mumbai. I love the place anyway. Don't ask why! I just love this city for some crazy reason even I'm yet to figure.

Getting back to the point, earlier I used to dread weekends for the party overdose.The kind of parties where they play trance music, a crowd of drunk weirdos( whoa! Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-drinking. Happy high and crazy fun is something I totally love. Even girls getting drunk and standing on tables swinging their heads from side to side like Kailash Kher is kind-of okay.And if you can pull off the stunt like Priyanka Chopra in Anjaana Anjaani, then its cute actually).But here, drunk people just swing in slow motion and go WOOOOHHOOOOOO in gaps. I've caught people yawning on the dance floor and suddenly screaming an excited wooooohoooo out of nowhere. That startles me. Excuse me! What the hell do you think you're doing? Adding surprise elements to this sedative party?
These parties are boring but bearable to put it mildly.
What makes the word "partying" agonizing is its transition into a fun-o-meter (I cooked up the word. It means something that measures your fun quotient)
Its considered uncool to be at home alone on weekends.
I like acting pricey when people want me to join them and I "chose" to stay home and relax.But when you have no choice but to stay home and "relax", you feel,ummm,restless. A sympathetic friend might even blink at you with the "aww you poor thing look" to make things worse.
I know it sounds "high- school-ish"? As if its such a big deal!
Even I thought so till I made an observation, not only about my own behavioral pattern but a majority of others around me. Random people made "plans" for the weekend to make it happening. The days that followed were full of nonsensical banter and gossip. Men talking about hot chicks they spotted and women talking about clothes,bags,make-up and the b*&*h who was being rude.
Hell! Now since when did that become fun! Since when did that become "partying".

Letting your hair down and dancing to music of your choice, conversations with people you adore and plans with like-minded enthusiasts you enjoy with. Stuff that fills the next few days with fond memories of time well-spent is my idea of a "real party".

Partying just because its weekend?? Damn! Something wrong there.

Today evening, I almost dialed a number to make a "plan" because I had no other "plan" when I realized, Shucks! I'm infected by this virus.This virus which screams,

"Its weekend and you aren't Pardddyyying!!!" (Tch tch)


Rahul said...

:-) good read..the price most people have to pay to 'fit in'..tch..tch

dhriti said...

Dash, these are so MY's like u got into my head, and stole my ideas ;)....loved it....main tumhari pankha hoon(ok, i agree thats a sad joke); but u got d point rite :)

Anshul Dutt said...

Partying on weekends has become a sacred ritual these days. You are declared as a sinner if you refuse to go out.
Overall interesting read :)


Preeti Baruah said...

Partying is boring. :| Lol @ catching people yawning. Who knows, could've been me :P Totally agree with you on the "pitying looks". People who don't socialize don't have enough friends, is it? Weirdos are those who think like that! Ha!

Madhusha said...

@Rahul : Yeah.U bet.Tch Tch ;-)
@Deee: :-p kaafi jokey ho rahi hain aap aaj kal
@Anshul: Talk about the agonies of the sinners...:D
@Preeti: If it was u, it might have been rubbing eyes and yawning lol.

The Ghost said...

Why does there always have to be second person or more to party....I usually go to my favourite pub alone and enjoy the music there have a couple of drinks and head back home...thats a party for me....

Madhuresh said...

Partying has become so much of a show off and fashion that parting sometimes seems a better option!

"...dancing to music of your choice, conversations with people you adore and plans with like-minded enthusiasts you enjoy with. Stuff that fills the next few days with fond memories of time well-spent is my idea of a 'real party'."
this is exactly how I think about it.. :) nice post shared from the archives...