Sunday, November 6, 2011

Touching the Quarter Mark!


In less than 5 months you'll turn 25! Can't stop dreaming of 'you at 25'! You're my inspiration to rebel today, you know?Rebel with a cause.

Have you finally gotten rid of that paunch? Tell me you're wearing an uber-hot black dress and posing for pictures without sucking in your tummy. That kind of spoils your smile,you know?I mean, you either smile pretty at the camera's or concentrate on hiding the paunch right?

Is your frizzy hair now long and glossy? Remember that 'wavy hair look' you've been dying to attain for months? Hope you've tamed your hair to fall on your face just the right way instead of flying all over the place making you look like a homeless pauper.

How was the party?Did you throw a proper birthday party this year? Don't disappoint people by feeling tired right before it begins like last year.They take pains planning and you fall sick on D-Day(How do you manage such fiasco's?). If you again made people go dutch then I'll refuse to acknowledge you as an extension of me. Its uncool. You don't want more jokes about this, do you? Imagine being called Esha-The Cheapstake or people exclaiming, "Shit its her birthday, loss mein jaana padega.!!!" (Aww Baby!Don't blush! Shit Happens.)

I hope you've cut your birthday cake with Mr.Right by your side and the first quarter life hug was from him. Our family loves him as much as you do, ya? You must be a wealthy woman with all that money/gifts as per the deal. Ahaan Ahaan! Rich girl! I like that.

Have you started freelancing again? Please tell me I was able to gift you the title of being a "Freelance Writer" this birthday. Wow! That would be awesome.Hope your words have the kind of honesty/sincerity as I always envision you to have. Never let anything, I mean ANYTHING, change the ease with which you write. Although I know your love for sharing it has been consistently growing as it gets acknowledged, promise me you'll never let anything external influence your style and thoughts. This is our precious gift, it defines us.We'll keep it straight from the soul. All our life.

Hey just remembered!What happened to the Canada trip? The embassy thought you're gonna marry an NRI and settle in Kannneddda.( Please embassy! I know our country is paranoid about marriage but our generation has better dreams than sneaking into a Phhoreign country and finding a boy to marry there) (Like Really!!!! Rolling eyes)
Hope you've managed to get that god damned Visa and visited Canada before touching the quarter mark. Singapore or Dubai should work fine if the Canadian (read Cana- Daayan) embassy doubts your intentions even now.

You started volunteering for an NGO ya? If you haven't given them 'time' then give them some money, skip a branded bag/shoes/dress and do a good deed instead. You anyway know zilch about brands, wannabee. Let the three girl friends and EnuNani compensate for that void in your life.

Esha. Trust you've made me proud this birthday. I'm praying everyday that you have; because this birthday would define so many other birthdays of our life.

Remember, even if you goofed up somewhere, its okay. Keep those dreams alive, you'd be so incomplete without them. Even if you got disappointed or hurt, don't lose faith. Shit happens sometimes, right? . Promise me, you haven't let go off any of 'my' dreams and have a brand new set to look forward to for yourself.

Wish you welcome 25 with exuberance and tell me, "You were right. We did it. We made Mom Dad proud. I am a reality created of your dreams (La-Di-Dah)" :-)

Wishing all of this and so much more.....


Esha (5 months from meeting you)


DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

Lol,, pronunciations comments with in braces are funny :) Enjoyed it...

Preeti Baruah said...

Hahahaha!!! "Dangerous" :P Okay, very entertaining post as it made my dull monotonous day a little humorous. Keep writing (and talking to yourself, of course).

Crimson Gem said...

Amazingly en captivating!! The whole concept of meeting your own creation et al.... You definitely have a fan here !!

Sridhar Ramachandran said...

Ms. split personality.. !!! can;t wait for your birthday celebration invite..don;t worry i will dutch.. !!! :p
great piece of writing.. i think you should soon compile your interactions with yourself.. it can be a bestseller..!!

Madhusha said...

@deepak: Thanks for the feedback :)
@Preeti: Shuddddddaaaaap looney plum
@Crimson Gem: I flipped once on reading the comment, then checked the profile of the person commenting...the next minute I was found doing cartwheels all over the place..."Saini jeee,The Goddess herself" left a comment on my blog....I got Moksha...."OMMMM"
@Sridhar: Split personality:Huh?? I like the best seller part of ure comment though.. Promote the page...i need at least thousand people on this page before i can take ure comment seriouslyyy "serioiusllly" :p :p :p

piyush said...

As long as you think you're green, you'll grow. As soon as you think you're ripe, you'll rot..
i thnk u still at g of green so boss way to go nd thngs to do...nice work nd brilliant SOCH behind..... applause

Sharifa Jivani said...

Awesome!!!! U have yet another fan in your fanclub! Seriously :D

Madhusha said...

@jeeju : :-)
@Sharifa: clown :-D

S|N'S DOLL said...

so you did have an imaginary friend eh? :D i knew it :P

Madhuresh said...

Lovely! I hope, by now, you might have already met her :)