Thursday, December 29, 2011

Plisssssssss......Don't make me feel so old, I'm just 24 (sob sob)

Phew! Mom again hung up on me with her usual ranting on how all girls are "settling down" (yaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwn) and while everyone will live happily ever after, poor me will hold wedding gowns and be the bridesmaid in every wedding as people get hitched. (27 dresses sorts) (On second thoughts,if Mr.Right is as hot as the one in 27 dresses, then drooooooool, who minds being the damsel in distress for sometime!)

While I sulk about Mr.Right being an idiot of the highest order, I confess, my otherwise awesome family becomes unnervingly seriousssss when it comes to marriage. They turn into characters from Saas-Bahu serials where women have flaring noses when angry and suddenly go teary the next minute AND suddenly go normal AND suddenly go emotional and blah blah. Its not just them, its a #sociopedemic#(:p)

SO. I feel like hurling stones and abuses at the cruel Indian society for devising a trend where girls feel centenarian before time. While I'd like to be my age, youthful,carefree and plain awesome,"Well-wishers-with-experience" appear making me feel like an "Oh-my-god-24-plus-year-old" aunty,ehhh,girl i mean.

People,I mean well-wishers-with-experience,"I know that Life mein compromise karna padta hai", but its unfair to make me feel like a creaky, aging-at-the-speed-of-light-aunty, ALREADY!" In my head, I feel monumental sometimes. You ask my age, and pat I might go, 50!!!!! (sniff)

My otherwise progressive, uber-cool-chic-Mom, turns into Jaya Bacchhan from K3G when it comes to marriage, "Keh diya, Bas Keh Diya" ,talk to the hand gesture and then bangs the phone! Ehh.....Excuse me?
My sister. Very modern and free hai jee. BUT. Her breezy youthful mind turns doddery as soon as it detects the word 'marriage'. THERE, my gorgeous idol,just changed her team!(sniff sniff)

Now,now.I louuuveeee all the attention you give me and get me (wink) but then come-onnnn, I deserve to feel youthful(with-time-on-my-side) for some more time,No?? Maybe;just a thought, but maybe, I ACTUALLY turn into a big-time columnist. Come-onnn, now don't say, marry a rich guy and write a column for a magazine that's circulated within 100 people.Ok if he's THAT rich and smart, maybe 1000.Ok 2000.That's it!

The point being, a 24 year old,is meant to blow her earnings shopping, buy a 'car that turns junk in a year', party till wee hours, travel to her hearts fullest,have crazy over-the-top dreams and fall in love with the right guy *without any compulsion*(Tall-guy-short-girl romance,love at first sight, I'll give up anything for you kinds, ahhaaann,now THAT's my story!)
No arranged fraaaandships turned into love-ships please.Only love-ship, 'at first sight preferably'.

Now,Mr.Right and I will obviously meet very soon, and it'll click. But what if I've already turned into a '24-yet-over-the-hill" kind-of-a woman by the time we meet? I'll talk about life and beyond with him?My future career plans.Would you like to do frandship,pleeejjhh?? I can even cook.What am I best at? Maggi.AND YOU????! Dammit.

Tricky tricky.

This great Indian marriage saga has been going on for a while now.(aaarghhh) So long, that I now conk off the minute the tune starts.

Oh! By the way! Is it true that once your Dad retires, your desirable-o-meter goes down???Lmao! I might die laughing at this one. WHO are these men and families? Who thinks in these lines? I would like to give them the "archaic-sissy-men-who-deserve-a-kick-on-their-butt"award and also write a letter to god requesting for vamp-type brides for them.

My other letter?? Would be to cupid.Begging him to design my dhinchak filmy moment asap,with masaala-but-no-drama torrid affair followed by parents giving blessings "like karan johar movies" , friends throwing "hollywood chick-flick type pre-marriage party" and of course well-wishers c'O'mmenting on how beautiphoool our kids would look.

But till that happens, plisssss,plissssssss,pliiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssss,Don't make me feel so old!!!I'm just 24 (sob sob)


DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

yo re 24 ?????????????
DIDI, get engaged soon :P :P :P

Madhusha said... first reaction would have been..."blind vote,huh?;-)"
And after reading the comment: "I would have preferred a blind vote :p"
Sigh.The cruel Indian society...;-)

DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

hehe :P :P
i can see :) am not blind(my vote might be :P) !
for just 24 itself you are worrying, just though how you will be in your 40's ??? :P
will you be alive by worrying ??? :P

Madhusha said...

plissssssssssssssssssssssssss :p

HENRY J said...

nice blog! Wish you a Happy New Year Dude!

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piyush said...

seriously funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
now as u turned 24 so plzzzzzzzzzzz get married soon

parths said...

Don't give a "ghanta" to what the 'shoe'ciety says.. Don't want to sound like a cynic but Live Bindaas, Earn a fortune, and get hitched to your Prince Charming when you think it's time :D #Bhartiya Naari ki Jai ho...!

Preeti Baruah said...

LOL!! But 24 is almost over now na! ;)

Mithlash said...

Worry of single girl at the age of 24 is quite natural.but its quit natural for parents also.At least start thinking about this, so at the right time you will be mentally prepare for it...overall nicely and cutely written:)...Keep writing:)

wasted said...

people are commenting

Madhusha said...

@jeeju: hahhaha.Saada haq,aithe rakh ;D
@parth: U bet...bhartiya naari ki :D
@Preeti: Teammate: In every sense. Same pinch :p
@mithlash: thanks.
@Wasted: NAxi, stop stalking my page and pretending ure not a fan....:p chal bhaag.

Sridhar Ramachandran said...

oh god!!
miss 24..!! i thought a women's (oh sorry! a girl's) age is supposed to be kept a secret.. you toh have publicly declared it.. may be your Mr. Right may not want his Ms. Right being sooooooo OLD.. :p..
2012 is the year when world will end apparently.. i have told everyone if it happens.. then wats the point getting married.. and if it doesn't happen why commit suicide by getting married.. but the sad part is "Well-wishers-with-experience" never shut their mouths and pressurize your "uber-cool-chic-Mom" and sis to palti marofy!! all the best.. start using OLAY.. might help (oh gad sad joke)

Anonymous said...

Nice. Esp liked the "Keh diya, Bas keh diya" part :D

Rinaya said...

The grass is greener on the other side...hence proved.I'm 22 & my Mom can't stop at how much of a kiddo I am!She won't let me stay home alone for even 2 days...frown every time I enter the kitchen(I guess that's for different reasons...the mess & fire etc) & while all my friends are getting engaged/married no rishta-wista for me :P Not that I want to get married...but for once I'd love to be treated like a 22 year old rather than 12!
Oh great post by the way! :)

Madhusha said...

@sridhar: Ya right! Olay! :p btw, coincidentally i found olay at home the other day neway!

@dreamsyap :Hey thanks!

@Rinaya: Ohh! U gotta enjoy EVERY bit of "not working" ! I louuuuuvvvveeeee it, like so totally love it. That's when I don't mind being treated like a child. :D
22 is reli young and one of the best years of r life :-)(touch wood).
Trust me, I used to LOVE the idea of marriage till I reached here and I dont remember being such a rebel EVER before!:D

And yeah! Thanks for dropping by! :) c u around!

Red Handed said...

Hhehehe u and me are in the same boat!! The difference is I am just 22 :/
But a Mallu...
and about the Dads retirement affecting the marriage proposals....hehehehehehe happens!

Amnn.......//1! said...

cupid doesn listen ,,,!!! believe u me ,,,!! i think he is busy flirtin with some one himself ,,,he must have accidently shot himself with one his arrows ..wat ever might be the reason ... he doesn respond ,,,,!! i would suggest you to find some other way to meet your mr right.... what ever that is realli ,,,,

Madhusha said...


Madhusha said...

@Amnm: lol....that's a good one :D M cracking up every time i read this.

And as for meeting Mr.Right..."That" as you've put it (lol)....any other way to meet "that" is too much effort....not my cup of tea ;-) :-D

KayEm said...

May your and every young girl's dreams come true. But like Amnn said, you've got to try and give luck a bit of a discreet push in the right direction now and again.

Anonymous said...

dash..ur getting funnier by the day!!...nice one though..get a dhinchak filmy moment soon!!

Trish said...

Esha...u r 25 now! Get married soooonnnn!!! :D :D I read it today :) I love the way u write <3 keep it up...

Madhuresh said...

mujhe nahi pata aisi filmy style cheezen real life mein hoti bhi hain.. magar aapki article ke baad at least aapke liye ye dua zaroor karunga... Inshallah, Amen! :)

Unknown said...

stumbled on this blog from FB somehow.. perfectly put emotions .. and I believe cupid got caught with bow and arrow by naxals...nd dey replaced it wid sickle nd a gun ... so hez busy liberating freedom ...nd hs frgtten abt luv.
And adding to this post .. well it's nt only the girls affected by this family drama .. guyz in our country too hv the same situation .. may sound odd...but being a boy ... i hv experienced dis enough frm my star plus family..