Sunday, January 29, 2012

Smitten by a city.

It was around 8 years back.Man! Is it that long already? Time flies,Really.

........I entered that beautiful little apartment in Bandra,Mount Mary Steps, my sisters abode. The apartment was a catch,the fantastic furniture and 'too-good-to-be-true' distance from Bandstand made me fall in love with it the minute I stepped inside. Those huge glass windows, exclusive to Mumbai, an attribute I initially found peculiar before developing a liking for it. Its actually quite romantic to sit on the sill of such big windows and stare across to, well the next apartment and with little effort into infinity. :)
My very crowded, very packed, very dirty, Mumbai. My city, my love.

I remember feeling insanely drawn towards the city after that first visit;the bhutta's, the musty roads post rains, the sea *my awesome awesome sea*, the people,the rush, just about everything in this city had something amazingly familiar about it. I visited the place on and off for all these years before finally moving here,on getting a job.
Even before I got my location, somewhere inside, I already knew it, this is where I was going to be, and till date I have no clue why, but I just knew it.

I remember telling my sister, there's something here, its a feeling of belonging, I can't describe or define. When you have 'no reason' to be attracted to something, but something just pulls you towards it and makes you love it to bits, when the feeling becomes larger than reasons and you fit into the moment, like it was this moment, designed for you and only you. Your moment, your place, your home.

I believe in vibes, they are my ultimate answer for every important thing in life. Reasons are smaller than vibes for me. I may have every reason to love someone, but if it doesn't 'feel' right, its not worth it. I may have every reason to 'not love' someone, but if it 'feels' right,its worth it.Yes. And its that feeling this city inspires in me. I don't have reasons to 'not love' it though. I love all of it. The madly crowded roads, the traffic jams, people pushing and walking past me (me returning the favor sometimes), the cute local brogue (1)Madam,Tro-pic *read traffic* jam se dimaag kharaab ho jaata hai 2) Idhar apna colony bahut safe hai,Sai baba ka mandir hai na, koi bhankas nahi mangta apun logo ko humaare colony ki ladiejhh*read ladies* log ke saath ), the unique chawl culture(people sitting and chatting on katta's, five hands to help you in the smallest of trouble and yet nobody interfering in your personal life),the pigeon flocks,the everything, just everything.

I know,I sound like a sappy little thing, crooning about her fascination for a muse. But you would understand if you knew the way I feel, with every fiber of my being feeling alive and reminding me every day, that my love for this city is just a feeling with no concrete reasons, a feeling strong enough to keep me awake,sparked and so smitten.

To a city, full of surprises, ups and downs, wondrous energy and a strange familiarity. My city, My love.


Purba said...

I remember reading somewhere - “Mumbai is Manhattan, LA, Paris, London, Surat, Bihar, Pune and Punjab all on one tiny island!

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

Lovely post! Infact it reminds me of how I loved being home at Mumbai. It truly feels like being home finally!
After all,A home is where the heart lies!:)

Gunjeet said...

First and foremost congrats on that little flying Twitter Birdie and the New Banner :D ... Job Well Done.
Indeed you new found love for the city and everything said about it is completely true. Mumbai has its own charm. Though I've been on and off the city a number of times now, it still does gives me the ' Good Vibe' each time :) .. Well written Partayyy People.

Rinaya said...

I was in some 14-15 years ago..all i remember is watching Divya Bharti dance during a shoot & getting wet in the rain..hope i experience the real Mumbai someday & share your sentiments :)

Saru Singhal said...

Mumbai has this magical thing about it you can't explain in words...Enjoyed reading it. Your love is evident in words...

Mithlash said...

Last year I along with my friend went for shirdi darshan and from there we made a plan to visit Mumbai and stayed there for 2 days. Experienced local train, went to zuhu beach, Gate way of India, streamer ride that was all fun and my friend asked can I permanantly live here and without thinking twice I said yes because I too was getting positive vibe there. Nicely written:)

Sridhar Ramachandran said...

i know i feel the same!! and i bet ur feeling are much more thanks to your exposure to the actual bombay!! and not the suburbs!!
this reminds me driving the bike in the busy roads of bombay in the rain!!lovely feeling!! remember the torrential down pour the day we met.. and the floods!! it will be surprising for a non-bombayite to understand how these can be lovable.. because he/she can never 'smitten by the city'

Elvirah said...

I heard about Mumbai a lot and i like the way you've described it more beautifully. And yes we dont need a reason to love something or someone and if we do so we make our every moment a blessed and a happy moment.

Red Handed said...

I have been to that place once and stayed for a mth. But I am soo attached to that place that I want now is to settle thr

Sangeeta Reghu Nair said...

Heya Madhusha - I am nominating you for the versatile blogger award .. Do have a look at my blog for the rules ..


Madhusha said...

Hey Sangeeta,

this comes as a pleasant surprise :)
Though I've been blogging for a very long time now, I've been very bad at discovering new blogs and keeping pace with new posts.

This is the first of its kind for me.Thanks a mill. M flattered and grateful that you chose my blog.

I'll put up the post soon and let u know.


Madhusha :)