Thursday, April 26, 2012

Universe. Screw you.

It was only a week back that my ultra-clever-self pinged a friend post-reading a poem, "Hey! Its been long that I've felt lonely and sad.You know, depressed sorts? Wonder why!"

One of those times, when you know its quite cool to actually be in high spirits but yet stick out your lip with the "oh-why-me" look.

That was "a week back".* Sigh*

Today, the extra-smart-me, started stalking people online (Yes. I have shit loads of free time and that's how I keep myself occupied. I can even trace Mr.Nobody on internet if I have one or two cues at my disposal. SO! If you're Rahul from Ludhiana, I can STILL spot you. Out of the million Rahul's of this world, just your name,city and a slight hint like college or common friend or hobby or *anything* might be enough for me to dig out enough information about you to know your complete file. Its a skill in itself.*I think so*)

Well, So. I started stalking some people and stumbled upon a certain profile and information that pissed me off completely.
I took my stupidity a step further and started digging more into it and started working my brain around things that are best "not to be analyzed". *Got me angrier*.Next I spotted an obscure comment on one of my pictures. *Even more angry*. Dropped food on my trousers. Found a whole liter of curdled milk on getting home. *Angry to the power infinity* Oh, before that I also had a harrowing airport fiasco (I fume on even thinking about it-I think my bad luck started at that god damned point)

These are proofs of the law of attraction playing its role brilliantly. It shouts into my face, "HA! You wanted it, so here, take more of it. Some more-Some more"

I'm in a phase where I don't want to assume responsibility for what I do. I would rather have someone take responsibility of my life while I chill and practice brat-o-logy. But damn the universe! It expects me to have these positive thoughts all the time or else I rapidly attract a string of amazingly shit-ass events into my life. How uncool is that?

Anyway, the LOA is no child play. It is eerily real and you actually get to create situations. No kidding- I've been observing it and have become sure of it now.It starts in your head. Not that I'm upbeat about being a magnet of bad-luck in the past two-three days.

For this avalanche of mess,

Universe. Screw you.


Madhuresh said...

haha.. interesting!! :)

Saru Singhal said...

It happens sometimes but you made an interesting read out of it. :)

Ruchi Jain said...

Some more-Some more",,
sometimes i do think alike...

Zeba said...

Ha. I have to agree.

Sridhar Ramachandran said...

totally agree.. every time anything around me strangely becomes good, i start having a good time.. fataak!! comes a thought in my mind.. when is this good run coming to an end? and invariably attracts it! LOA!
second this sentiment!

Rahul Bhatia said...

Very interesting read! Incidentally one more Rahul commenting:)

Madhusha said...

hahahahahhahah...thanks for visiting Rahul Sir.

@l: :-)

Anonymous said...

Life will be so boring without the 'bad luck' happenings around us. In that phase it does hurt but once the time has passed, it feels nothing, absolutely nothing. And don't worry a lot of people do the tracing part on the Net, I bet a lot of people have traced you too!!