Monday, February 13, 2012

Because I feel Like it Dammit!

There are times when I yawn through my own articles. They are so incredibly boring and preachy that I'm left amazed.
Now. I came up with this brilliant( self-proclaimed brilliant, I mean) idea about writing an article on the reacher-settler theory (yeah the HIMYM one) but ended up writing a piece that was so arid that I myself couldn't read through the second paragraph. The post went into my drafts and the time that went waste, is, well a different sob-story altogether.

I wonder why does careful-thinking produce such random and boring pieces of shit. Its always when an article is spontaneous that it feels readable and fun. Imagine, feeling bored of "yourself". How gloomy is that. I spent unusual amount of time writing that article, assuming it to be deep and interesting but ended up producing a remedy for insomnia instead.

Aren't most decisions and relationships in life like that too? The one's we spent the maximum of our energy thinking about, are the one's that turn dreary and sleep-inducing over a period of time. The more we stretch them, the more we put our thoughts and energy into managing them,the worse they get.

Blink attitudes are so much better.Instantaneously-you like a dress- pick it up, angry-spill it out, warm-give a hug, thankful-express it, happy-wooooohoooo it, sorry-say it, bored-ignore it.
Getting me?The best decisions and most interesting things in life are usually "in the moment".
For lazy people like me, its bliss. No thinking or stress.

One answer to everything- I felt like it! (grin)

What fun!

Think about it, someone wants to meet you but you're not exactly enthusiastic about the plan. Instead of thinking and cooking up an excuse, all you need to say is, I don't feel like it. Period. Who would want to be an in-your-face pile on?Unless they're retards of course. And who wants to be friends with pile on's? Unless you are a retard of course.
So there. Your being honest upfront, without too much thinking, got you out of a potentially uncomfortable situation. Honesty, I think, is always appreciated.Even if its not taken well short-term, in the long-term honesty is a boon. The other party also is bound to "not feel like it sometime or the other", Right?

I have noticed that most issues get sorted when you thin-slice. People choices, apartment choices or even shopping choices, are bang on "meant for you" only when they strike a chord at the first sight. The building-up-a-rapport/ getting-used-to-it business works only in a very few cases. If you ask me, there is something missing and incomplete even after putting in efforts if the tuning isn't natural.
Everyone goofs up sometime or the other.Even the most manipulative people, go haywire in their decisions. Look at poor old Vijaya Mallaya!SO, in case your thin sliced choices bomb once in a while, don't fret.

After spending years of thinking-more-than-needed, I realize that its not just boring but also meaningless to contemplate too much. Analysis and review of situations slices out the "you" from "you" and replaces it by a collection of experiences others have had.

Nowadays, when someone asks me why I'm "doing something the way I'm doing it", I just look at them and say,

"..........Because I feel like it dammit"


Sridhar Ramachandran said...

ahemmmmm hmmmmm... nothing particular is coming to my head.. in that case what do you do?? i have this problem of being blank!! when u really don't know what to do?? what then??
anyways rarely do people be so blank like me!!
but anyways when u have something in particular out with it!!! that's the way to show!! Impulse!!!

SeĐĆendipity™ said...

I know how thw pressure builds up and works. But I like your attitude :)

Anonymous said...

That's the right attitude!!

Saru Singhal said...

Too much thinking kills life...Do what you like as you are living every bit of it....:)

Red Handed said...

Because i felt it!!!
you got the swag girl!!!
I wish it was tht easy to say though..
Nice post!

Anonymous said...

Nice post!

I do agree to the idea of keeping things simple and direct. The other party if mature enough will understand. If not, I guess it doesn't matter that much. It kinda reminds me of the old saying- A man who thinks more than necessary suffers more than necessary.

In other words, like you have phrased, keep it simple silly :). Nice post..

Subhorup Dasgupta said...

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. So true. :)

sawan said...

i do agree most of what youve said, but i also have a positive grip over wut red-handed said. 'wish it was easy'. relationships are complicated and madusha, people doesnt forget. so if you are not very sure if your impulse would change later, it might be a very dangerous plan to follow ur instincts every wehre!! if you knw wut i meant :D

Anonymous said...

Too much thinking simply means you are rehearsing. Well, spontaneity and rehearsed output never go together. Its almost like sitting through a monotonous lecture. Need I to say more? Great post, felt like I was hearing my mind being spoken.


Ana_treek said...

I wish it were possible..I think things to death and after that, I sit n think why I thought so much..:D

Madhusha said...

@Sridhar: BEing blank is awesome :D *I think*
@serenditpity: Thanks for visiting :)
@Joshimukard: Thanks for visiting :)
@saru:So true :)
@Red: Thankiee :)It initially feels tuff, but eventually makes life simple and trust me is majority of the times the easiest thing to do.
@muktamanassu: So true, Keep it simple silly :D Thanks for visiting
@Subharup: Thanks you for dropping by :)
@sawan:I know, the gut could change 'later'. But you know-that's exactly what I think we need to understand, stop fretting about what-might-happen and live in the moment. My gut has never let me down, never. And even if it does- the amount we sweat thinking and analysing can never match up the temporary hurt a wrong decision could give. I mean- things can go wrong even after careful planning, you know? :)
@katie: Thank u so much for dropping by. And I so agree to what ure saying! Its actually rehearsing, making things very-very uncool.
@ana_Treek :hahahhahah :D even ure comments are making me crack up....thanks for visiting girl :)

a MAD in the BAD world said...

same thing happens with me most of my good poem n articles are written when i suddenly woke up in mid night and start writing without thinking
when you bound life with rules you kill the beauty of life
so fully agree with you just live it

Pradeepta Lal said...

I agree

Pradeepta Lal said...

Hehe. ;) I do that many tymes.bcz i felt lyk it.:)

Pradeepta Lal said...

I agree