Saturday, May 12, 2012

How much freedom is freedom?

I have issues. Real serious one's. While I live in India, in my head its NYC and that creates all the mess in my life.

Someone told me, "You are just too self-absorbed. Maybe you should be nicer to people."
Someone else told me, " You think too much about others, maybe you should care lesser"
Someone said, "Maybe you should date more men."
The same person after a few months says, "Dude, you are using men to pass your time."

There are so many things that have been told to me lately, that my head wheels at even trying to decipher the advises.

Days fly past and I try my best to record moments that are memorable.

But time is flying and in India everyone makes sure you realize the speed at which it is moving.

Sometimes I feel old. And then I shrug myself to wake up, "Damn it- 25. THINK its NYC where 25 is young. If the illusion you need to feel your age is being in Manhattan, then think it is Manhattan"

Illusion is a state of free mind. No? But excessive illusion would make you a retard. SO.What is the dose of illusion that separates healthy from unhealthy?

Being surrounded by critics is important. But sometimes I wonder, can a critic be a friend? If people who have a problem with the "person you are" and constantly ask you to change, what is it that they love about you?

Personality is a trait that deserves freedom. No?

Freedom is important. It propels you to try things, make choices, feel lost, strut in dark and figure glory for yourself. Is there a chance that the confidence derived from freedom can turn into arrogance? Can the respect you have for your choices turn into disrespect for others? Is there a chance of things going over-the-top and you losing the essence of being human?

Does it leave you so drugged that you become tied down by your "own ego" and "illusions" after a point.

Boundaries can stagnate.But freedom can be dangerous.

How do we decide?

Should we just allow a time frame for people to go wild in the glory of their freedom years, go berserk trying new things, getting chaotic mentally, and finally hitting a threshold beyond which they need to look up, seek out and decide boundaries for themselves. But would that lead to hurting a lot of people in the interim? Undoubtedly yes.

Even as I complete this post, I'm not sure its complete.

How much freedom is freedom?

Beyond a point is it even freedom anymore?


Sridhar Ramachandran said...

You know what ! Freedom - to each is own.. The boundaries are to confine that freedom to that limit so that it doesn't cross paths with someone else's freedom! That's the catch!

Gunjeet said...

Freedom! sigh! it reminded me of the "Freedom Guy" (rather 'flower shirt guy' but since I coined the term so I have the privilege to manipulate it :P) I met during a train journey. The guy, Greek origin, 53 year old, father of 2, on his way to backpack to some place. Over a usual conversation on the generation today, this is what he said which relates to your post somewhat if not entirely, which I clearly remember (converted to English) "Youngsters are too fast paced today when it comes to defining freedom. I have lived my life getting wise, I have lived my life fulfilling commitments, but there was always the third life I thought I missed out on, the free life. Only later I realized how wrong I was, since I was always free even when I made the decision to be wise or fulfil commitments. Freedom has no boundary, nor can you control it. But what defines its limits is your relation with life." Yes, I know wondering how a flowered shirt guy utters such words, only later when he gave me his card I realized he is some top notch psychologist in Greece :P .. On yeah I tried hard not to kill the birdie this time on your post, but I'm sorry it happened again :D

Madhuresh said...

Boundaries stagnate, boundaries are suffocating. No thinking mind would accept boundaries. Freedom is the entropic movement. But the limitations of mind puts an overall boundary. As much one broadens his/her thought-aura, the limitations are pushed away and freedom is enjoyable. In that realm, freedom promotes creativity and bliss.

I liked the way you posed a very nice question which intrigues most of the thoughtful people.
Alright! Bye for now! :)

Rahul Bhatia said...

Nice writing! Being own self and loving yourself is far more important than heeding to unsolicited advice:)