Friday, May 18, 2012

On fakesakes...

“Damn! Barney is SO me!”

“I can really relate to Carrie”

“I’m like Rachel you know? Daddy’s girl”

“Our group is a lot like F.R.I.E.N.D.S”

Cough Cough!

Ladies and Gentlemen, how many times have ‘You’- ‘Found Yourself’ – ‘Finding Yourself’– in sitcoms you’re addicted to???

Although it’s comforting to see yourself in the lead role of a serial that’s in vogue, it might corrode a lot of awesomeness from you, if you aren’t careful of your choices-that is.

It’s nice to emulate Barney when he quotes, “When I get sad, I stop being sad and turn awesome instead”


Its imbecile to find yourself in Carrie Bradshaw who keeps running back to Big even after getting dumped at the altar. That is when I want to slap you for being smitten by Sitcoms.

These characters are influenced by lives of unusual/eccentric people- with a pinch of familiarity for masses. Eccentricity is desirable, you know. But eccentricity garnished with honesty, humility and confidence- is irresistible. Sitcoms glorify this characteristic of human nature, barge into our homes and hearts, pull us to the glamour we find in these lives and before we know- we start living their roles.

Even walking on the streets in track pants carrying a rucksack can be glamorized. Rage and hatred can be glamorized. Being stupid and brainless can also be glamorized. It’s natural to be attracted to things that look interesting and fun. That’s understandable.

What amuses me is how sitcoms often become dochartach in our personal growth. Instead of discovering our reactions to experiences, we end up reacting the way our television counterpart would react.

Suddenly dumped men have started turning into Barney Stinsons let loose into wild dating sprees to re-write “How I met your mother”. *Douchebags*

Love-struck women find comfort in being mistreated by men they’re attracted to thinking they’re Carrie Bradshaw. *Idiots*

Piles of napkins are wasted shedding tears with break-up songs playing in the background; vulgar amount of money is wasted believing shopping is some kind-of-a therapy; misbehaviour is suddenly socially acceptable and you find yourself getting used to the drama in their life as a part of your life.

Every time I find abject and miserable people finding solace in embracing situations from soaps that deserve a shove-off, I feel like asking the producers to broadcast a message with the episode,* Viewers are requested to avoid adapting misery and stupidity from this episode. It is intended solely for entertainment purposes and to ‘knock some sense into you - not off you’ *

Alls not gloomy though (:P). There’s a bag of positives too. A lot of them portray humour in setbacks that’s breezy and worth adoption. The yummy actors, an array of thoughts to broaden your horizon and entertainment are a few obvious pros. Sadly, we end up filtering the melodrama and stick to it tad too long.

Pros or cons, reacting to situations the way your ‘fakesake’ would is silly. (Fakesake is a clever term I’ve coined for your television counterpart :-0)

Just a thought, but if someone asks you “your story” few years down the line, would you want to summarize it in one line, “Its just like Ted’s life in HIMYM” ??

Or would you prefer to trace your destiny, being foolish-smart-mean-nice-humble-arrogant-simple-complicated-etc-etc. to discover a character in you- that can be described in more than one line.

On being influenced by fakesakes- Any thoughts?


Madhuresh said...

Interesting and thoughtful! Correlating the situations with soaps or even movies is very common, and often people start reacting like their 'fakesakes' (a good term coined, btw), rather than being self and consistent.

Sridhar Ramachandran said...

have you met... legend.... wait for it.. ary Ms. fake sake???
good creation (just added to make you feel good.. actually mediocre!! fake sake wat crap?? :p) anyways...
i beg to differ.. probably my view point and urs are different, similar to the chicken and the egg story!! the normal reactions are made into sitcoms and not sitcom reaction becoming our normal reaction.. its human tendency to react in a sulky way when dumped... and instead some opt to cutloose to bury the depression.. so its how you look at it.. the sitcoms are successful since they are the closest to our life..

Madhusha said...

@madhuresh: Thank u
@Sridhar: U didnt read the post completely or properly. Did u ? Read again :p

Red Handed said...

Now tht was interesting. A totally different take on the subject. Loved it! Yes my character, my life, my friends...cannot be described in a line and tht being a name of a fake character from the TV. Great read!

Sri Tatsat said...

To be honest, I have not like HIMYM much since my college days. But I have often been nicknamed Barney by those who know me a bit. Don't know what that title entails though...

That said, I think the post is good. Analytical and to some extent...reflective.
But having seen Friends over and over, I guess we do find meaning in what we see on the little screen and relate it, one way or the other, to our real lives. You have done so beautifully.

PS- You should write more often...

phatichar said...

So true..

Saru Singhal said...

I feel I am a mix of Monica and Peter Bruke's wife on White Collar. It's kinda good that we connect and relate to it. Atleast we enjoy what they can and we can't in reality. BTW, fakesake is a good word...:)

Madhusha said...

Thanks everyone :)