Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On falling in Love....

This weekend I spent time researching on something called relationship phobia. Now you’d think, why? Why’d anybody be so jobless to do research on ‘relationship phobia’ out of all the phobias in this world. It’s because.I figured.Me and a lot of women around me, have been plagued by relationship/commitment jitters.Capiche?

The thought of anything long-term and serious gives us cold feet.

Now, that is ironical because almost all of us are also eager to have a more meaningful life and settle down. Ok fine-at least I am. These days, marriage doesn’t freak me out and I’m quite enthusiastic about a newer phase.

However, every time I meet a nice guy (serious material) and start (or think of) dating him, this other part of me simultaneously starts preparing a break-up speech. I could skate away into the horizon to get back into my comfort zone; that is the level of discomfort relationships give me. It’s weird considering I’m a die-hard romantic. I feel appalled to acknowledge my comfort and thrills in dead-end situations over relationships that have a promising future.

And hence, this weekend’s research was an endeavor to find out the cause of this strange behavioral pattern. I could relate to the symptoms- 10/10.It’s something that’s not serious, prevalent and also curable. Yo! It’s just a state of mind which would probably get sorted on reading the book prescribed (Eyerolls)

What I’d prefer though, is an alternate situation, where lightening strikes, Mr.Right appears in front of me and we’re love struck at first sight. I’d jump into a relationship with him and we’ll live happily ever after


I break cupid’s head and turn love-less living normal.

Falling out of love was never easy. But who knew falling in love would be such a task!


Sridhar Ramachandran said...

i like the first option... provided the lightning strikes the both involved together.. ! to ensure that stick on to him the moment you see and when it strikes you, it strikes him as well!!
anyways like u said the ideal cure is the lightning!

Saru Singhal said...

I think when you will find someone worthy of your love, all the fears will go away...


pinkuheikham said...

No wonder gentleman like me are still single.

Madhusha said...

@sridhar and Saru : hopefully
@pinku :Clown :)

Madhuresh said...

... who knew falling in love would be such a task!

Anonymous said...

Love like all other happenings is an act of GOD. No one can explain it or plan it. Experiencing Love and then losing it is far better than not being in it at all. It makes you feel alive.