Saturday, July 7, 2012


Addled, torn,disillusioned,shackled,
Cacophony, unrest,mixed cackle,
Explaining, Combating, struggling,
As I desperately weighed the truth in you or me.
Illuminated,Dazzled,Ecstatic, Free,
Serene,Melodious,Orchestrated spree,
Soaking in the love kissed road to paradise,
As I discover the truth in me.

What is life but a parallax,
Conflicting realities,bamboozled views,
Myriad reasons and suggestions,
Wrapping you in a befuddled mesh of perceptions,
Shatter, Rise-up, Roar, Conquer,
Evangelize the trick to freedom,
Liberate, Unleash, Sprout,
Turn deaf ears to being called uncouth,
Sow your dreams with troth,
Hold on to the pristine state of innocence,
And watch the boring stillness turn into froth.

No-No,Don't let me mislead you,
Our life is but a parallax,
Lets live in harmony while we can,
In exploding states of our own truth,
Zooming in and zooming out,
Blinding lights, euphoric state,
Drowning in a private sea,
Dancing with the agile waves,
Discovering the truth in me.

Since what is life but a parallax....



i was really confused after reading first few lines. but then it eventually evolved into a brilliant post!! one of those posts which we read and say "that was a great read!!"

Sridhar Ramachandran said...

its becoming.. more n more complex.. (ur writing i mean) and probably need several reads to get inside that brain.. that context! but indeed its a blog worth spending that much time! and its always nice to just phrase it with just words.. cos that lets the mind connect the way the reader wants and probably will tell a different story..! and yeah its gotta a nice rhyme to it as well!

Madhuresh said...

Just beautiful! though verbose yet succinct!