Monday, July 23, 2012

The road yet travelled...

India will be the next Shanghai. If I hear this again, I’ll leave my fist on the face of the person making this statement. *Ok-In my head, I will*

Randomly, my head reels back to Rahul Gandhi’s statement after the Mumbai blast when he shamelessly announced how population explosion in India handicaps the government from stopping blasts.

Shameless pr@#k

China has controlled their population and kept their promises of building a nation at par with other super powers. The country in the truest of sense has blinding lights that leave you awestruck. The government might be autocratic but they’ve done a phenomenal job with reforming *at least* the infrastructure of the country.

Our infrastructure is in shambles. The life of our people is cheap. Danger lurks every corner. Conning and cheating is a way of life. Disrespecting people is considered smartness. Wrong- is the accepted norm.

The other day I saw a man lying unconscious in the middle of the road outside Dadar station with nobody to attend to him. Still worse, nobody was even stopping to look at him. The sight of that man lying unconscious in the middle of the road, in heavy rains, with hundreds of people carelessly walking past him, shook me.

Such apathy. Disturbing. Very Disturbing.

Every year rains lash across the economic capital of the country turning it into a large pool. This phenomenon is amusing. Half an hour of heavy rains is all it takes to press the pause button to normal life in Mumbai.


After visiting Japan, the thought of this pause makes me sad. If they could bounce with such intensity and build back their empire after such huge calamities hitting their country, why can’t we even set the basics right? Basic minimum; is that too much to ask for?

The dirtiest part of Singapore, also referred to with a warning for personal safety, happens to be Little India.

Thailand spews disgust at the mention of Indian men and treats them with such disdain that we turned red in shame at the scene.

Is this all a mere coincidence?

Or are these dots connecting each-other to the basic fault in our people capital?

A country that keeps boasting of culture and ‘unity in diversity’ can top charts for explosions. Culture is all we can attempt to boast of and in my opinion even that has become dilute and turned into a mere barrier for progress. Culture is getting lost in a mesh of castes and religions. Devoid. Empty. Meaningless.

When it comes to using our voting rights, we shy away from using it on the pretext of all politicians being corrupt, accepting that the system will rot irrespective of who comes into power. We have no faith in our basic integrity, values and principles. I use “we” and “our” because as citizens “we” refuse to trust or even try to build on that trust on “anyone amongst us”.

Isn’t it ironical that a country so loud on ‘expressions related to faith’ has such faithless citizens?



Is it because we’re high on ego but low on self-esteem? We like being a part of the grand picture, emulating others and turning into cheap imitations but refuse to gather our basic principles and build on our foundations right? Our individualities are sublimated, no?

Is it because once culturally rich India; turned that richness into staunchness and dogmatic practices to such an extent that the system which was meant to structure the society- actually shook its very foundation? The caste distinctions that were meant to help plan and build the social set-up into Philosophers, warriors, business-men and workers actually shook our very roots? The structure was used by stupid, low on principles- high on ego individuals for suppression and forced traditions that became a meaningless way of life.

Individuals meant to find their place for themselves in the social structure-following their inner calling are forced to fit into the breed they are born in. What else are such individuals expected to turn into? Individuality is a silent taboo in our society.

Note- Individuality. A Silent taboo

From a hawk-eyed perspective, India’s problem percolates deep in its psychology. This beautiful woman has collective energy that's conflicting and negative. People have degrees but are uneducated. Our policy makers are rotten and their inadequacies and insufficiencies are taken for granted.

Maybe what we need is a leap of faith, in someone.

Someone who has enough might to break away these caste and religion barriers.

Someone who has the might to follow and encourage people to follow their inner calling.

Someone who’ll shatter meaningless dogmas and biases, bring meaning to the structure ancient India rightly boasted of and lead us to the road we’re looking for.

Lead us all- To the road yet travelled…..


AJ said...

That's definitely Our State of affairs..not just rotting us for a few years, but for decades..we keep reminding ourselves to bring a change...but seldom we succeed...still hope as always floats..n I guess efforts from blogs / articles / media are one of the biggest contributors to bring that change !!

Saru Singhal said...

I mingle with lot of cultures in US, hispanic, south asian etc etc and where I think we lack is morals. We only know how to blame others and if not then take the course of religion, population(as done by Rahul Gandhi) or some other excuse. We have to accept where we are wrong and work.

saikat mbka ghosh said...

India will be the next Shanghai :D
anyways I hope India never bcome sumthng else ,other than a better itself.I love my country whatever it may appear with pot holes etc.Its my free country and its my duty to help her out than to complain :)

Rahul Bhatia said...

A very well meaning post but apathetic attitude and shallow leaders currently at the helm of affairs make things worse !

Madhusha said...

@saikat: Their infrastructure needs a standing ovation. I'd keep tight lipped about the people though. India needs to pull up their socks on the infrastructure and give ppl live-able basic minimums, u know? Population etc etc are no excuses and we need to accept our faults, as people. Even if it means changing the way we "think" individually. And every change starts with a realization of a loophole, No?
@Rahul Sir: I know Sir. Its a pity and "we" all have become faithless.. Sadly . And its every individuals fault in someway to "not" stand up for what they feel is right.
@saru: Agreed. Completely. U just put everything in a nutshell. And I feel its because we're just TOO high on ego and low on esteem. Its a struggle to break free from this attitude

Anonymous said...

Read your post when I was having similar thoughts experiencing everything here in my US visit. And being honest to myself that is only culture is whats keeping India shining coz seeing devp here we have a long long way to go and we need to get real! A leap of faith in that someone of course :) well said! P.S I am very Indian still:P