Monday, August 20, 2012

On being a Creaky Cuckoo..

These days I explode at every little thing that ticks me off. Talk about being unpleasant. My family constantly hangs up the phone on me( making me panic and apologize in minutes to get back in their good books).
My friends give me exasperated warnings, "WE are putting up with this crap but everyone wont. You'll lose your other friends if you continue with this behavior." (I secretly laugh and feel brattily lucky)

No friend leaves or would ever leave. I just know it in my heart, my head and thank god for this every-every-EVERY day.


Its not right to perpetually be a brat. But once in a lifetime-Come-on- every one deserves to be cut some slack and go haywire!

Maybe this is quarter life creakiness. (#Just saying#)

I know am putting my case forward slyly but I sincerely think everyone should be allowed to go through a creaky phase.

The freedom to be a creaky cuckoo.

The good part about this phase is-you can be forgiving, understanding and loving towards other unpleasant people. We need to develop a taste for unpleasant moods and behaviors too. No?

Being cuckoo is good.You can do what your heart says without bothering about what others think. They anyway think you're loose in the head. So half the stress of living up to expectations is washed off already. The only strain you'd feel would be the urge to please people you love and the momentary vex on disagreements with them. Every time you feel that stress- you can let the pressure off like a cooker and things get back to normal after some noise! Simple!

Now-Now. There would be threats from the more serious one's who'd try walking out on you. If they're truly yours- they'll take a full circle and come back.Face palm to those who start disliking you for your inappropriate-avataar. Also, a fist on their face for being judgmental.

We all have our times: good and not-so-good. But there's something that makes us the people we are, the people we have, the people we'll meet and the people who'll stay. I think- that something- can never be defined in clear terms. That something- needs no definition or reasons either. That something- is just a feeling that spins your world and the people who stay.

These are people I adore.

They let me be cuckoo and creaky.

"I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.”- Marlyn Monroe


palak said...

Absolutely fantastic ! This is what i feel these days!wish i could pen down like you.

animorphika said...

Wow... This is exactly the phase of life I am going through right now, dash! It's like u got into my head and read my situation... Love u for this!

Madhusha said...

Thanks Palak.

@animorphika :Thanks Cuckkoo :D Come back to Mumbai soon

Saru Singhal said...

I'll try being that, I'll try to break the shell around me and be free...

It sounds so much fun and relaxing...

Sridhar Ramachandran said...

i definitely have had my share of ur creaky cuckoo! :p
anyways, i think its justified.. and to be honest i feel u r right.. friends can put up with it!! thats what friends are for!! those who leave you for that don;t deserve you either! but on the contrary if it happens quite often.. then i guess it might crack some otherwise simple relationships..
And what is it with u and the quarter life crisis??? i have heard of mid life crisis!!is it your creation??

Red Handed said...


sailorbwoi said...

i doubt ny1 really leaves..ppl space out bt if u bridge da gap its as if it never existd..besides it difficult 2 judge cause ur cuckoo al da tym!! :P nyc post though!!cheers..

Madhusha said...

@saru : :-)
@Sridhar: I need to hide my face from u hahahha

@Red: lol. Im sure
@Sailorboy aka pandey : ure no less..hahah...