Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why everyone needs to travel Alone....

It was Friday and I was at my creakiest best, grumbling about something randomly. The doorbell rang and I opened it to find one of my closest friends standing outside, brimming in excitement. The next few hours were like a virtual tour to something that left me completely awestruck.

S had just returned from her Euro Trip and couldn't stop chirping about how magical the whole experience had been-' inspite of her traveling alone'. I think, it was traveling alone that made the whole experience priceless.

A whole new gamut of experiences and a whole new perspective towards life. SO Cool!

Traveling to a new country, where no one knows you, where everything looks straight out of canvas, places that bring alive every chapter in a book you'd read, streets that challenge you at every turn- with their beauty and mysteriousness, coffee that smells just the way it smelled when you were flipping pages reading that novel,moments that breathe life into that person you become lost in the world of words-wishing you could really experience the truth in those words.

Above all- traveling alone- probably helps you find yourself, transcending you to the next level, bigger and more complete, where your intuition becomes your most trusted compass and guide. Whom to trust, whom to ignore, how to communicate,how to comprehend, how to gather the best out of the surroundings and how to tune yourself into something completely foreign. Your only connection being, being-human.

That evening turned into a fabulous evening, with crazy stories to absorb and a tingling wish to wriggle out of my comfort zone and experience something bigger, like her, and come back- better,brighter and happier.

Maybe we should all travel alone- to a safe foreign country (not some freaky unsafe place where danger lurks at every corner and return haggard)- with our wits and hearts at their best- to evolve into someone more beautiful,confident and wholesome.

Maybe what we all need is a taste of how the world outside looks and feels,to test the limit of awesomeness(which I think is infinite), to break away from prejudices,distrust,doubts and fears.

Maybe. Just Saying. But Maybe,

Traveling alone is what we all need to do- once in our lifetime- to complete our own picture and figure our place in the universe.Our place. In the universe.

"Exploring the inner journey through the outer world"
- Unknown


Madhuresh said...

Only while traveling alone, we get enough time to appreciate the nature/beauty (of whatever)at our own pace, unaffectedly and unbiasedly... gives a sense of realization which often gets ignored in the group...

Saru Singhal said...

I used to travel alone an observe. I can relate to what you said in the post. Concluding quote is so true... said...

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Vijay Shenoy said...

Nice work...The Quote at the end was the icing.. Keep blogging :)

Madhusha said...

@madhuresh :thanks for reading :)
@Saru :True that
@Blogiri: Thanks .ill visit
@vijay : Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I am a sailor, have traveled far and wide.
Standing on the bridge of a ship on a moon lit night in a calm ocean is the best experience I've ever had in my life. I just knew my place in universe there and then, just a speck, inconsequential to the enormous ocean around me. It just made me feel ALIVE!