Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Staying alive...

Respect is mightier than most other words.

When I witness success stories of people around me doing fabulous work and carving a niche for themselves, it evokes an unmatched feeling of joy and respect for them. Stalwarts who turn their own life around are often the one's who turn the world around too.
Have you experienced that pang of happiness seeing people achieve their dreams? Its this feeling from within that completely over powers all other feelings of fear, doubt and drabness. Its influence is ubiquitous.All-consuming and elevating.
I've been experiencing it every now and then lately. My spirits get uplifted almost cosmically when I witness dreams come true for believers.Yesterday, I was feeling helpless seeing an invincible person shatter-a bit.My own projects were getting delayed dampening me even more.In the middle of blues, a success story on fb instantly elevated my mood and cheered me up. That was when I realized," Damn! Such is the power of belief! Its like a butterfly effect giving wings to everyone who's at a similar frequency."

In times that we're living, nothing makes more sense than this urgent need to be human. Finding your calling and experience it manifest. I think I missed the word genuine. Just fit it everywhere. G.e.N.u.I.n.E

I believe and always will.  In my gut and people who believe in their gut. Yes.

And with that... *Respect for people who have come alive*

Also,a yawn for fake cowards and escapists who make noise to spread negativity. *Boo to you*

"Energy and spirit is contagious; never underrate the power of sharing, it can make something magnificent of your life and that of others-the world needs you-to stay alive-more than anything else"


Sridhar Ramachandran said...

nice.. i liked the genie!! from genuine .. good work!! nice date to post it to.. gandhi jayanti... stalwart that he was can inspire a lot..
and stop respecting me so much.. my success pe nazar lag jayegi..! :p

Madhuresh said...

Nice one.. and i liked the quote in the end as well.. Energy and spirit is contagious!!