Tuesday, November 20, 2012


You say this state is white and pure,
A holy shroud of which you're so sure,
A body without a soul so dark,
Calling yourself evil and uncouth,
When the two collide sunshine scatters,
Leaving no meaning to anything that matters,

Flabbergasted what rang alerts gives me peace,
What seemed like a threat puts me into surreal ease,
Stop me from falling in love, I'm powerless in this game,
Such is the flow of moments,destiny cannot be tamed,

Why contemplate to waste time when this moment is euphoria,
Let me breathe it in every part of me,
Own a piece of my soul while you're here,
Your animal instincts, raw aura washes my fears,
Purify my soul, bathe me in glorious redemption,

So many lights when you say its dark,
Aimless,meaningless,shallow yet an indescribable deep spark,
A hazy state I need no perfection, a mighty tug without a direction,
Grasp me tender, hurt if it secures you,
Let me trace the path by a gut so true,
Playing in your shadow,no agenda, scheme free,
Exploring newness like a child in a rein less spree,
Everything here feels serene though maybe phony,
Life is nothing but a glaring irony.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Black and white,
A twist of fate,
Perilous turn,
Cruel, Cold, Usurped.

You be you,
Let me be me,
Its not a mesh,
Dont make it one.

Smirk,Laugh, Tatantallize,
An eclipse can be daunting,
Cloud my mind,
Graze the borders of my emotions,
They're still safe from your fiery gaze,
Will always be,
As long as you be you and let me be me.

Haunt me, seize me, play games,
There's unparalleled fun in the unknown,
Scoop a side of me beyond my fears,
You're the player, I'm the dice,
In your hands, still free to surprise.

Roll me, throw me, try your luck,
When freedom gives thrills, why get stuck,
Being limitless isn't always about unholiness,
There's something pristine in exploring the new,
As long as you let me be me, and you be you.

Friday, November 9, 2012


Burning passion, vested youth,
unruly, intimidating, tad uncouth,
Find me,take me,draw me,
There's something exciting about twilight.

The sun will rise,the dawn will sway,
Darkness perishes in frenzy we dance away,
There's something stirring about grey,
With every other shade it can beautifully mix and play.

All consuming, insanely magnetic sillhoute,
Nothing beyond, nothing within,
Zero regrets, let the moment to begin.

Callous, Cruel, heartless, scary,
Vehement, unearthing, fiery might,
Don't stop now, bathe in the foggy glory,
Hazy daze, such is the twilight story.