Friday, November 9, 2012


Burning passion, vested youth,
unruly, intimidating, tad uncouth,
Find me,take me,draw me,
There's something exciting about twilight.

The sun will rise,the dawn will sway,
Darkness perishes in frenzy we dance away,
There's something stirring about grey,
With every other shade it can beautifully mix and play.

All consuming, insanely magnetic sillhoute,
Nothing beyond, nothing within,
Zero regrets, let the moment to begin.

Callous, Cruel, heartless, scary,
Vehement, unearthing, fiery might,
Don't stop now, bathe in the foggy glory,
Hazy daze, such is the twilight story.


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Madhuresh said...

'There's something stirring about grey' ... deep 'n beautiful!

Madhusha said...

Thanks MAdhuresh :)