Thursday, December 20, 2012

On being the fairer sex

Its been really long that something made me cringe and feel so sick in the stomach that even thinking about it became an ordeal. Forget me, every woman in the country is traumatized and numbed by the animalistic mayhem narrated in the Delhi rape case. Even as I write there’s this weird sensation in my entire body, a mix of disgust, fear, anger and sadly helplessness. What have they done to the girl? How could someone be so brutal? Misuse of strength and power to a degree that makes me want to puke.
I’ve always felt proud to be a woman. I love being silly sometimes, mature at other times. I love the feeling of being taken care of by my father, cousins and friends. I love basking in the power of my intuition and conviction. I love building my life and success around intangible concepts like love and faith. I love being a woman. W.O.M.A.N
However, a couple of incidents have left me deeply disturbed and with time the collective nature of India as a nation leaves a lingering doubt in my head over the fortune of being born as a woman in this country.
Shockingly,we still have dowry culture in some nooks. Questions on character are ceremonial. Filthy comments are an accepted norm. Sexual harassment is a regular affair.
Makes me wonder where are the real men?  Men who have the guts to stand up for a stranger being harassed in public? Men who can gracefully accept women counterparts at workplace as healthy competition?  Those who have strength to stand up and question their family against dowry(Asking for customary gifts and arrangements also qualifies for dowry, by the way. Icing the cake doesn't make you any less timid.)
Where are the one's who command respect. The one’s we’d endearingly embrace as the stronger sex?
We’re made weaker physically by nature and there’s nothing wrong in that. We’re probably made this way to ensure our bond with you grows stronger with respect for our differences.
However, in this country called India, where women are just an object of lust, no wonder being virgin is the measure of a girl’s character over lies and malice. A country where principles are an accepted myth, no wonder being raped every minute- of your dreams, confidence and in extremely unfortunate cases existence is no big a deal.
A girl battling for life is what took this nation to reach its threshold and for once I’m surprised to see an equal outrage amongst men against this heinous crime.
I just hope this fury extrapolates deeply into the muzzled psyche of our people and gives them enough courage to ACT. To DO something about this garbage. To start with, pray it culminates respect for women with all their intangible strengths and attributes because the soul of a society is determined by the way it treats its women.

Also,we're physically weaker but this incident is a glaring example of a woman's inner strength, a woman who's battling for life with an undying will to live despite insurmountable mental and physical trauma.And No Experienced Generation- This is not esoteric.This is an ordinary girl setting an extraordinary practical example.A victim is turning into a blazing inspiration, mighty example and epitome of strength. Its not pity but a feeling of deep respect I feel for this girl who's changing the face of this degrading nation- by her sheer inner strength.

God bless her. For restoring my pride in being the fairer sex.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Real or unreal reality
Conflating, Bamboozles- gives me peace, yet!
Ironical, strange, bizarre, intense!
Overcome it.

Dark yet so vulnerable,
Imagination or reality,
Mind games or games of mind,
Seized, dragged, smitten
Dismantling into a million pieces,
Falling back into shape again,
Bizarre bizarre bizarre.

Love? Soul? Inseparable? Imagination? Intense? Indefinable? Lies? Shadows? Play?
Where? What? When? Why?
Tear and integrate. Stop, no not yet.
Play . Games? Still feels real?
Vulnerable. An arm away.
Passion melts into serenity, childlike love.
Fear, no. Grasp,yes. Clutch, leave no space to breath.
Momentum builds, blood rush, peace, uncanny peace.