Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Real or unreal reality
Conflating, Bamboozles- gives me peace, yet!
Ironical, strange, bizarre, intense!
Overcome it.

Dark yet so vulnerable,
Imagination or reality,
Mind games or games of mind,
Seized, dragged, smitten
Dismantling into a million pieces,
Falling back into shape again,
Bizarre bizarre bizarre.

Love? Soul? Inseparable? Imagination? Intense? Indefinable? Lies? Shadows? Play?
Where? What? When? Why?
Tear and integrate. Stop, no not yet.
Play . Games? Still feels real?
Vulnerable. An arm away.
Passion melts into serenity, childlike love.
Fear, no. Grasp,yes. Clutch, leave no space to breath.
Momentum builds, blood rush, peace, uncanny peace.

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